Motion Reprojection = Blurred Image?

After some toying with WMR/OXR motion reprojection on vs. off I have found that with motion reprojection on, I will get a significantly less crisp image. This affects both cockpit details as well as outside scenery.

This can be reproduced as follows: embark on a flight in VR mode with your headset on and OXR set to motion reprojection ON. A large city will be best suited, I chose Dubai Intl. In mid-air with the skyline in view, click active pause. Assume a reproducible position on your chair (including head position), then center the VR view. This will make sure you’ll have roughly the same viewing distance to cockpit instruments, gauges etc. Then pick some cockpit and some outside detail that will allow you a comparison. Small fonts on instruments and structures of buildings will be best suited. Important: if you’re flying a prop aircraft, do not pick an outside detail that is in the line of view behind your propellor! Then take off your headset, open/ALT-TAB to OXR and disable motion reprojection. Put your headset back on, switch to MSFS, leave VR mode (this is crucial!) and switch it right back on. Return to the previous physical (=real life) seat/head position, center VR view and check your chosen details. You may have to switch back and forth a couple of times, but with my setup it is very obvious.

Anyone else experiencing this? Does it only occur with WMR/OXR or with SteamVR, too? Any ideas and explanations?

My specs:

RTX 3090
HP G2 WMR/OXR latest

My settings:

Render scale 100/100
The rest is a mixture of high and ultra and a few medium settings.

This is kinda how it works. It’s not going to be as sharp as it’s trying to guess what pixels it needs to Inject between frames to make it smooth.

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Of course, but I would rather expect this with an image in motion and not with a semi-still image. And I would not expect it to be that pronounced.

That, plus much lower frame rate and the wobbles anywhere where different speed motion intersects (eg. propeller, cockpit frame where it meets the window) makes motion reprojection a no go for me.

I’m back and forth with it all the time. Sometimes it’s terrible and I swear off it. Other times is magical.

There are propeller mods that you can download on that greatly reduce the warping and flickering you get with motion reprojection. I’m in the opposite position that with reprojection I can crank the visuals up to the point it looks pin sharp, but as soon as I disable it, my cockpit stutter is so bad I can’t read the dials properly. I have a 3090, 10850k and 32Gb ram so don’t why I have this issue. maybe I have my settings higher than others, but lowering the render resolution makes little improvement, and looks a lot worse so for now I’m just sticking with reprojection on.

What are those mods called?

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You need to extract each one individually, don’t just dump the whole folder in the community folder. I’m using the Cessna 152 mod and it’s made a great improvement to motion reprojection warping for me.

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There’s also an initialization bug at the game that intermittenly makes the image blurry. If you see a blurry game restart both WMR and the game and see if the blurriness is removed. If not then you know it’s something else.

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I thought this too but i’ve retried it since and its amazing when its working. I had to drop TLOD and OLOD to 100. OXR 50 TAA 90 but its fantastic. Even over london in the fbw a320.

The first time i tried it the warping was horrible and performance was bad.

And you can do it yourself in 2 mins with any aircraft:
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestions (Index - SteamVR) 🟢 - #554 by CptLucky8


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