MSFS 2020 is Heartbreaking!

The Xbox didn’t go to sleep, the controller did.

There’s a function in the Xbox OS whereby the controller goes to sleep after a preset time with no input, then the Xbox will dim the screen after a user-selectable time, then — if this is set to on (default) — the right side of the screen will fill with a pane that cycles through various things such as a nearly reached achievement or some other type of game-related info — when this pane appears, the Xbox OS pauses the game.

It is this latter aspect that threw my game into pause — the equivalent of ESC on PC or pressing the Menu button on the Xbox controller. Disabling the displaying of this data overrides the Xbox’s automatic game pausing function, allowing the controller to fall asleep without pausing the game whatsoever.

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As far as I understand they behave the same (I’ve got a PC, too, but MSFS performs far better on my Xbox).

The default pause on the Xbox is the Menu button on the controller, which is the same as ESC on PC. Active Pause isn’t even keymapped to the controller by default.

Using ESC to pause the sim only pauses your aircraft. There is no progression of controls or trends. For all intents and purposes the aircraft is frozen in the world. When you unpause you will continue on as thought the ESC button was never pressed.

That said, the world continues as though you were never there. I have paused during an afternoon flight and was “summoned” for something more important. Hours later I returned to complete my flight only to find it is now very dark out and a weather system seems to have moved in. No biggy, just missed the approach at sunset which I really enjoy.

As far as the world is concerned, there is no pause. The logbook still only logs your actual flight but in those “time warp” instances, I see part of the flight logged as day and the rest as night.

Since release, I have never used the Active Pause. Day one users complained that the physic continue in the background and I wrote it off right there. There was even a post where someone took off with a 172 and while still accelerating in the climb they Active Paused. Left it for an hour and unpaused to a 172 flying hypersonic at 250,000 feet. Crash and stress off obviously or I am sure it would have resulted in an instant black screen. :rofl:


Now I am just disgusted with this sim.

I tried this flight again — TBM w/unlimited fuel from LFBD-to-KSEA, occasional use of assist on ATC, 14+ hours real-time — I landed on 16C at KSEA and mid-way down the runway, I collided with an invisible object, which sent the aircraft straight up and I crashed.

Game over.

This is absolutely madness.

There needs to be a mega-thread “The MSFS 2020 New Pilot’s Guide to Flight Destroying Bugs and How to Work Around Them” that outlines all the bugs and ways to avoid them.

Apparently, we are supposed to load the destination airport as a departure, taxi down the runway at takeoff speed to find any potential invisible objects, so that we can select a different runway or airport.

On top of all this my 14+ hour, 4539 NM flight neither unlocked “Saddle Sore” nor “Look Ma, No Hands!” in spite of the fact that I flew a turboprop and used autopilot from shortly after takeoff to 300 ft. above touchdown.

I don’t even want to discuss the loss of “Frequent Flyer Miles”.

Just disgusted.

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In theory this is what is supposed to happen. However, myself and others have discovered instances where unpausing finds the aircraft in a loss of control situation — in my case an unrecoverable and instantaneous crash.

Checking the runway beforehand won’t help

It can happen when the server is slow or you’re flying ‘too fast’ for the terrain to resolve. Sometimes flying over the runway first can help but with the way LOD now works people have crashed while sitting stationary on the runway and moving the drone cam around (away from the plane).

Just do yourself a favor and turn all damages off. It’s broken and meaningless, not worth the frustration. You can fly straight through certain bridges and buildings with damage on, but touching an invisible twig or fly under a bridge can end your flight. You can stress some planes all you want, yet go perfectly stable and barely touch that overspeed zone, game over.

There is only one achievement that requires having damage etc on (My Way) and that one is hopelessly broken anyway.

Only one way I can see this occurring. It would relate to the users that were having issues with the flaps and spoilers deploying; or throttle or mixture changing. Wireless controllers have been notorious for these kind of issues. These are all resulting from controller initialization. If you have toggle switches set on a Hotas or multi switch controller the sim is losing the setting when paused. It reverts to default when returning. If you have any kind of control that gets info from the sim to display a control position, etc then you will definitely have odd things happen as the communication channel is closed during pause. Even with old FSX, it was necessary to “blip” the throttle on your controller to remind the sim where it was set.

So far, I have never encountered any anomalous behavior using the ESC to pause. I seldom get a chance to complete a flight without interruption and so use it a lot. Knocking wood…

Well, this is the AI landing the 172, seems the game was expecting the runway to be at 1400ft

What can you expect from a game that can’t even figure out its own systems!

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But we should be thankful that we’re getting air races.

Oh come on . msfs 2020 is the most ,best . wonderful thing there ever was

If all of this were the case, why can I consistently load the airport and hit the same exact place and crash on taxiing down the offending runway? That makes it seem like it isn’t a “wait for the sim to draw it” kind of thing. It’s like they are fixed objects or splits in the terrain, that are consistently there,

My understanding is that we purchased a simulator so we could experience flight by doing it ourselves. I could simply fire up Google Earth and have a look around if my goal was to have an AI pilot fly me around.

I really hope the priority here is to eliminate all the bugs in the simulation and focus on giving us a realistic environment to fly in. Not focus on having planes that fly themselves.


They can’t even do that right, I’ve had the AI Pilot crash the 747 multiple times coming in too hot with the landing gear up and not even close to being aligned to a runway.

This is the 737 MAX of flight simulators — rushed to market

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A different bug :frowning: Yes there are static problems on runways as well, still, and more introduced with every world update. Usually it’s a mismatch between the default terrain and photogrammetry data. Sometimes turning PG data off helps, but then there’s still a chance the airport overlay isn’t aligned properly to the terrain or the terrain has invisible spikes.

@willisxdc I was trying to find a repeatable test flight to measure the impact of various settings under a controlled environment. Basically bug hunting. The bugs are in the approach paths which are (more) messed up since SU6. This approach looked alright in the world map (many are already identifiable as useless by the spaghetti knots in the flight planner) but still the AI expects the runway at the wrong altitude.

Here are my other attempts…

I’m going to fly the FBW A32NX now, probably landing it manually again as ATC and approach paths are out to kill you! Lol my co-pilot already filed the IFR plan while the radio was still off. I guess he used his cell phone :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, the AI not being able to land is as much a bug in the simulation as everything else. If the flight plans and approach paths, runway heights etc were correct, the AI would be able to land.

I had take off clearance. What is this plane gliding over the runway without wheels doing there

And why do I get generic liveries again, that setting is off. Every flight, more questions!

Have you tried actually flying? Cause that is what the sim is all about. Not just handing control to the AI.

@SvenZ The approaches are accurate. The spaghetti is what we fly every day. The fact that the AI doesn’t work has no bearing on the sim. If you were to actually fly the approach as published you would find it is just fine.


Sorry, but I;m having difficulty conprehending the situation,

Your initial post sounds like 1. the controller went to sleep, and 2. seconds later you woke it up but the aircraft crashed.

THIS post, replying to Hobangerik sounds like:

  1. the controller goes to sleep after a preset time with no input
  2. then the Xbox will dim the screen after a user-selectable time
    2a then — if this is set to on (default) — the right side of the screen will fill with a pane that cycles through various things such as a nearly reached achievement or some other type of game-related info
  3. when this pane appears, the Xbox OS pauses the game.

SO I have a tip, press a controller button every “preset time”-1 minute.
Next, let’s look at what you are actually saying.

You left your Xbox flying an aircraft. Ii actually managed to put the controller to sleep, THEN the Xbox went into some power saving mode, THEN it went into advertising mode.

That sounds like more than a few seconds?
That sounds more like you left it flying and while you were away it went into sleep mode.

I mean, sure, if you have set the “user-selectable” times to 0, I can understand it.
Otherwise, it sounds like you just left it flying on it’s own while you had dinner/watched some TV/had your girlfriend round/mowed the lawn etc. while you left the Xbox to earn your badges that no one cares about apart from you.

Blaming MSFS 2020 for that is silly.

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Have you actually tried reading, because if you did you’d see that I do fly the planes. It really frustrates when people comment as though they have read for comprehension when they clearly have not.

I rarely mess with the AI and only do so to test something out or make an observation.

I fly nearly always in True-to-Life in real-time and try to mimic realty as best I can.

These issues minus the digs at their AI Pilot are all based on my attempts to actually fly the sim as reality.

You’re welcome to make assumptions, that’s fine, but they aren’t correct. I have no need to come here and make up stories about what happened, I’m not a troll.

I was, quite literally, sitting in front of the TV monitoring ATC to make appropriate responses, as required. I was just past Greenland and there wasn’t much ATC activity, hence my not needing to interact with the controller.

The screen dimming happened as a result of no input from the controller for 30 minutes. That occurred first.

Then, just a few short moments after the screen dimmed the controller went to sleep (or vice versa) and instantaneously the “Show me things when idle” screen on the right popped up and paused the game.

I saw this, grabbed the controller, woke it up, hit Menu and the plane instantly crashed.

The actual pause time had to be, maybe, ten seconds.

As an absolute aside, I was an Italian sports/racing car mechanic and worked on a Tipo 33 Stradle as depicted in your avatar. There’s of a photo of me in it at the Concorso Italiano at Quail Lodge on the cover of a magazine.

Do you get better results if you use the AP?