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How are you supposed to know what state your flying over when in flight?


One way is to use third-party software that shows you on a map.

I use this one:

How does it work with msfs 2020 and do you have to install it in the MSFS 2020 folders etc?

You can place it anywhere. You just run it and go to http://localhost:9000 in a browser.

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Little nav map ispretty good, you can run it on aseperate monitor whilst you’re flying

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Whats the app called…sorry?

Little nav map, just search for it in google

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It works great for PC. Just start it, let it Connect the Simulator (you can set that auto) and it will show your plane on the map.

There’s a download link for LittleNavmap on this forum

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Plus one for LittleNavMap. Love it.

It does quite a few other things too including flight planning. The dev seems like a great guy too.

Another question. Why is the decel so short before decending? Give you 0 time to get to the right altitude etc?

Get LittleNavMap here:

And if you want google sat view and other maps. Then this (old) mappack works splendid within LittleNavmap:


I use f2ff as gateway to my android device with enroute installed.

Enroute Google Playstore

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