MSFS Growth through Acquisition - PMDG/Aerosoft/FSlabs etc

Yes I didn’t miss him saying so indeed :joy: :smiling_imp:

Yes and? Did you ear in the latest Q&A Sebastian is working on PMDG code? Did you read the Aerosoft forums (they’ve removed their post since then) both Asobo and Aerosoft developers work together even late on Saturdays?

I won’t intervene more in this discussion, and I guess I understand the point you’d like to make, but if there is one aircraft which is getting full priority and resources is the CRJ and I can’t wait it is released, not only because it is an aircraft I’d personally like to fly in FS2020, but also because once done, this will give Asobo more time to document all the SDK features they are using for the CRJ but still undocumented for others, and they’ll probably have more time to take care of other 3rd party vendors as much as they’re doing to help releasing this product.