MSFS HyperLapse: LGKJ (Trying to get automatic hyperlapses)

Screenshots and Camera movement from a small under construction utility that i am making.

Sluggy movement due to simconnect bug, it will be smoother when they fix the bug.

Creation in Davinci resolve.


That looks really nice! Would love to set it up at an airport and do a hyper-lapse of traffic coming in and out

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It is very easy , especially if you dont need hyperlapse (a.k.a. moving camera). I could write a how to about it…

Well, I could set up a camera, do a video capture and speed it up - sure. But I like stuff which does it for me and produces a hyperlapse

Ah, I see we are defining hyperlapse differently. It’s probably me :see_no_evil:

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That is one way but you will consume a lot of space.

I create timelapses using screenshots with a specified interval. In that way you can calculate what you need to do.

I am using OBS Studio to stream. OBS has a plugin for screenshots where you can take screenshots at whatever interval you want.

You calculate your interval depending on what you want to achieve…

Set up your drone camera and set your interval.

Fro example an interval of 5 secs will give you 1 hour of event in 30 secs of video (24fps).

After you take the screenshots you need to use a video editor or a timelapse specific tool to make that into video. I am using Davinci Resolve.

Didn’t know obs had that plugin. Any chance you could link? Is your little add-on you mentioned is about moving the camera and letting obs do the rest?

Yeap… it lets you move the drone camera every x seconds…and i take the screenshot from obs…BUT i will wait for the simconenct bug to be resolved and maybe i will add the screenshot capability in the program together with camera movement…Then i can showcase it…

OBS studio:

OBS screenshot plugin:

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You’re a star. Thank you.
Moving camera is going to be a great addition for these types of videos so can’t wait to see it out there, but this alone should allow me to make some neat videos for my own enjoyment. And kudos towards pointing me towards screenshots - it is no brained really - how I didn’t think of that haha

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No problem man…when i have my util ready for beta i will let you know :slight_smile:

@TropicoE As promised: Automatic Screenshots/Timelapses (CaptureFS)

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Oh no, just when I thought this couldn’t be any bigger of a time sink. Time lapses are kind of my favorite. FS 2020 sure beats RDR2.

These two I made took forever especially since it had to be captured in real time and press a button every few minutes to prevent the camera to go into cinematic mode lol.

Automation is good!

You are man o f great patience :slight_smile: Very nice and atmospheric.

I am like you, i like automation, that’s why i created the tool.