My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou,

Now I hope I can get my headset working again. What a software nightmare.

I am normally a Linux user and only use Windows so I can use VR but this was making me rethink my choice. :smiley:

Now it is installing the software I just uninstalled to get the update. A better approach would be to disable the software and after the update enable it again.

My headset is working again so now I can do some more testing using my Valve Index controllers with it. Downtown London is not a good place but out in the UK countryside seemed to be working OK.

I confirm I was having the same windows update error and uninstalling WMR like you’re recommending is working now. I guess I’ll spend even more time with my Index for the time being :joy:

Vr is still a mess for me despite successful windows updates though I didn’t try uninstalling wmr yet

Windows update messed up my system too! All of a sudden I was having a lot of stutters. It gave me a panic attack.

Tried all kinds of combinations, even the latest driver + HAGS. Just couldn’t get my perfect experience back. I started question myself: was I somehow just not seeing all of this before? It almost sent me into a deep depression.

Then, finally, I reinstalled the golden 457.30 driver. And it’s butter smooth again!

Phew. This sim… What can I say?

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One question

The game itself does not benefit greatly from hyperthreading or more than half a dozen cores.

With VR does dedicating any surplus cores or threads to things like the WMR processes make any difference ?

Yes, it’s odd the way you need to uninstall it from within the Mixed Reality Settings area.

I also downloaded the specific update package from Microsoft Update Catalog as a standalone installer to install it that way as Windows Update itself was having problems.

Once I did that, I re-ran Windows Update, which said it was installing the troublesome update again (I don’t think it did, but it said it was successful) and then I was back up to date with patches.

Plug in G2 after that and let the Mixed Reality pieces install themselves and all good.

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I just checked and the KB in question seemed to have installed just fine without fanfare on 2/12 for my system.

Now my question is: what makes me different from those who had failures related to this. First thought: what are the chances that you had your headset plugged in/WMR active when it originally attempted the update? I generally “hard unplug” my headset – I wonder if that’s a clue?

Mine was plugged in when I was trying to do the update so that might have been the issue.

I believe I’ve already posted about this somewhere in these forums: short answer no (as far as my tests go). You can also try opening Task Manager CTRL+SHIFT+ESC > Details and change FS2020 exe affinity to run on 3 cores and this makes not difference to FS2020 perfs… (at least prior WU3). This app is heavily single threaded indeed.

Mine was definitely not still plugged in. I’ve been trying to complete that update for several weeks and one night I know I had my laptop in a different room away from my eGPU and headset while trying. Didn’t help. It wasn’t until I stumbled on that uninstall WMR recommendation here (plus finding that special uninstal option in Settings) that it finally worked.


I still struggle since the update to stay consistent. Is this the case with others? (G2 + 3080 ftw3)

One moment i can tab into vr and its pretty smooth (sim 80 or 90 render scale and 90 terrain, with openxr at 65%), then next moment if i control tab out and then go back in, its a horrendous mess (on screen display showing only say 10-12 hz, and red instead of 30 and blue)?

Im not sure if this is a biproduct of the update for just the sim or the forced latest windows major update that came along with it in my case?

Sadly this seems to be the case for most of us. It makes dialing in settings a tremendous chore.

Did it get even worse in this regard for you after this last update than before though? I was about to redo my whole machine or a test image just to see if something else got butchered

Yeah. No change i made improved fps while in England’s new scenery area’s. Moved back to the USA and it improved but was still less consistent with changes.

60hz w/motion smoothing on is the only way to get a smooth image but then i have the flickering so…

If i keep trying i’ll eventually enjoy playing in the menus and watching loading screens more than flying.

I’ve posted about a problem today, probably introduced with WU3, which might explain this:
Solution for Stutters & Pauses - Bugs & Issues / Performance, Graphics & CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Just to let you know that Windows Update package KB4601319 (which was stuck for many users with 0x8007000d error code) was replaced by KB4601382 (brings Windows to v. 19042.844).
I don’t know if the KB4601382 will install without removing and installing again WMR.
I uninstalled WMR (from the Mixed Reality Settings area), inslatted KB4601382 sucesfully, then installed WMR back (took an hour with my 5 Mbps Internet link) - started automatically after restarting PC and connecting the headset. The WMR installer appeared to be stuck at ca. 40% and later at ca. 70%, but it was just badly implemented progress bar (ca. 1+ GB download), so I just waited…
Windows update also downloaded KB4601554.

Seems like the G2 is working fine with MFS2020 after the Windows update and WMR reianstall.

Looking at this mess with the need to unistall one Microsoft component to allow updating Microsoft OS, I feel ashamed working in the IT industry (not MS, but another global brand). One day our IT driven world will just stop working :frowning:


Thank you for the update! Please note this is a “preview”, not a final update.

HOLY SH1T! I cannot thank you enough! I fought with this thing for days and someone on a Reddit mentioned this thread!! It worked!!!

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Here’s to hoping that one of these days, NVidia gets around to writing a driver that specifically targets VR in FS2020. You know they gotta be working on one! But I’m impatient, and I want it NOW!! LOL…

But smartassery aside, I do think it could make a huge difference in our experiences with this sim. As much as going out and buying a whole new GPU could, even…


I have the NVIDIA Experience downloaded and installed.

It ensures you have Game Ready Drivers and and it adjust the card for diffferent games. I only have the MSFS installed in it and I get 60+ on a modest system set at Ultra.

You can see my setup in my profile.

I think the NVIDIA Experience knows how to optimize the GPU to get the best Performance and uses other drivers.

Tomorrow, I mean later today, I will do some screen shots of it.

I know I have different drivers that what other NVIDIA owners have. Already in bed and using my iPad, but I will post all that later.

I do great on an RTX 2060 Super which is not a top end GPU. More like a middle of the road GPU.