My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

I’m glad you manage to get this perf on your system. This might show the Intel single core performance of the 10700 is a defining criteria for fps with FS2020. Besides, single-core performance is usually a requirement with most simulators except maybe XP11 which is implementing a very sophisticated and fined tuned work task scheduler*

Having said this, with a 9700K @4.6Ghz + 2070S, I can largely get 60fps as well in 1K, but not as much in 4K. You might want to review this detail when someone is saying their fps are dropping when comparing your system.

Nevertheless, just to reference the material in this topic too, here is what I’m saying about GEF to make it clear:

*I believe the necessity of supporting Linux, macOs and Windows are compelling reasons to build your own instead of relying of the OS provided per-app thread pool and this definitely gives an advantage to XP11 for this matter:
Terrible VR performance with top end Ryzen / 3080 system - #51 by CptLucky8

I don’t know if FS2020 is implementing their own or if they are using the OS provided ones only:
Thread Pool API - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn
User-Mode Scheduling - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

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