My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

You might want to read my comments about GEF auto settings and why you should never use it for FS2020: Table of NVidia Drivers release notes highlights from 446.14 to 461.09

Then read the additional bloatware installed along with it in newer drivers and being a root cause of some of the stuttering: What NVidia Drivers are recommended for VR

This performance issues are very problematic and systems way better than mine are having problems.
I have GEF installed, run on ULTRA and can get 60FPS pretty much anywhere. Name the worse place you can imagine and I will show you that I can get 60FPS. GEF doesn’t have any negative impact in my system that I have noticed. I use the FrameRate overlay from GEF.

I see people with I9 CPUs and RTX 3090 GPU complaining that they go down to 7 or 10FPS in large cities or complex airports. It makes no sense. I’m on Driver Version 461.40. Only add-ons I have are about a dozen airports bought from Market Place. I had the London Pack and deleted it when I installed UK.

This is my configuration.

Dell XPS 8940
Intel i7-10700 CPU
NVIDIA RTX2060 Super 8GB
Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe SSD 1TB - Added - Made System Disk - FSXX Installed Here
KIOXIA NVMe SSD 512GB - Came with Dell - Now fast Data Disk - Rolling Cache Installed Here
Logitech X56 HOTAS


60FPS in ULTRA in VR?
with a RTX2060.

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Sorry, no not in VR. I probably shouldn’t commented on this thread since it is indeed a VR thread.

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ok - mystery solved then :wink:

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I’m glad you manage to get this perf on your system. This might show the Intel single core performance of the 10700 is a defining criteria for fps with FS2020. Besides, single-core performance is usually a requirement with most simulators except maybe XP11 which is implementing a very sophisticated and fined tuned work task scheduler*

Having said this, with a 9700K @4.6Ghz + 2070S, I can largely get 60fps as well in 1K, but not as much in 4K. You might want to review this detail when someone is saying their fps are dropping when comparing your system.

Nevertheless, just to reference the material in this topic too, here is what I’m saying about GEF to make it clear:

*I believe the necessity of supporting Linux, macOs and Windows are compelling reasons to build your own instead of relying of the OS provided per-app thread pool and this definitely gives an advantage to XP11 for this matter:
Terrible VR performance with top end Ryzen / 3080 system - #51 by CptLucky8

I don’t know if FS2020 is implementing their own or if they are using the OS provided ones only:
Thread Pool API - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs
User-Mode Scheduling - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

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With me, if you leave VR mode, before you go back in you need to shut down WMR and let the frames stabilize in pancake mode in MSFS because you go back into VR and let WMR boot back up again.

Things are a lot better now that the patch fix was released (or at least i think this is why) and my windows install isnt borked. However, i still do have issues going in and out, sometimes even if i close wmr after exiting vr, turn it back on then enter vr its a mess… or ill exit vr and 2d is literally 5 fps.

Yea, there’s something weird going on with the switch and I hope they figure it out – would really like to VR for departure and approach but pancake for cruise.

I’m wondering if they’re not flushing out the mem allocation for the “other 3d environment” when it flips over or something along those lines – it’s a really confusing issue.

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If you want to save WMR resources you can try these:

Set to 0

This prevents WMR to reserve VRAM and resources for popup windows you’re opening in VR. If you don’t use any, you can save some with this.

Set to 1

This deactivates WMR Portal Software with a few caveats to know:

NB: these are all REG_DWORD

Nice! I’ve already disabled virtual monitor preallocation from the DCS days. For now I think I want to keep the portal software but that’s a great trick.

I shall add, and it is not another disgruntled CptLucky8 post complaining about the G2 and praising the Index, but switching back and forth VR mode with SteamVR has been painless for the last few 1.16.x versions.

Yep, I’m stuck with the G2 though.

@CptLucky8, I still haven’t even figured out how to use SteamVR with MSFS in the first place (or even why I would want to), so disabling WMR would likely not be at all helpful to me lol!!

It is not disabling WMR, it is disabling WMR Portal, the thing which shows a 3D house in the headset prior launching the game. The registry key (with some caveats - read the reddit comments - ) is disabling the house in order to skip loading 3D assets and resources for nothing.

Hi, So, render scale at 70% in MSFS after this recent update is horrendous. Blue outlines all over the place and flickering image. So, I tried 100% in sim and then 70% in OXR. This then reduced my sweet spot quite a lot, so I did not like that.

So, out of curiosity, I just left open XR at all defaults, and set the sim render scale at 100%.
I am running a 3090 . I thought it might have auto adjusted the resolution down ( I kept checking), but it didn’t. I added some clouds, night time etc… day time. Stress tested it.

Man, why was I messing all this time?! 100 render scale in openXR and in sim is so sharp! The sweetspot blends so much better! And the performance is WAY better than I expected it would be. Its actually really smooth too! I think I will just leave it like this now, its what the G2 was designed for!, and let them craic on with optimizing MSFS.

PS This is with an i9900KS at 5GHZ and also using high refresh rate in cockpit with the Beechcraft bonanza glass cockpit.

What does the developer mode FPS window is saying then for render res. and post-process res.?

3152x3088 for both game and post. 25-35 FPS. I am actually gob smacked. Its like looking at a monitor!

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@Ianrivsmith, can you clarify your settings? You’re running OXR100 with beta unchecked, and TAA100 in the sim? Did I get that right?

(Of course there’s the little matter of your 3090 vs. my 2070 Super, so I may not even be able to think about using your settings, but for intellectual curiosity purposes…)

Yes of course. I’ve just tested over Sydney with some real weather and some heavy manual weather. Man I am still gob smacked! This is what I imagined VR to be like!

I have OPENXR with use latest preview unselected.
I have OPENXR with custom render scale unchecked.
I have OPENXR motion reprojection disabled.

In sim I have:-

Render Scaling = 100 TAA
Terrain Level Of detail = 100
terrain Vector data = Ultra
Buildings = High
Trees = High ( I also have an extended tree mod installed)
Grass and Bushes = Medium
Objects level of detail - 100
Volumetric Clouds = High
Texture resolution = Ultra
Anisotropic filtering = 16x
Texture supersampling = 6x6
texture Synthesis = Ultra
Water waves = High
Shadow maps = 1024
Terrain Shadows = 1024
Contact shadows = medium
Windshield effects = High
Ambient Occlusion = low
Reflections - medium
Light shafts = Medium
Bloom = On
Glass cockpit refresh rate = High

3152x3088 for both game and post. (checked with dev tool)