My personal experience regarding VR performance

Hi. I’ve been rigorously following these threads for the last year and like many of you here i’ve been tinkering with nearly anything i possibly could to squeeze that inch of performance out of my hardware.

Today i’ve again gone through the whole process of testing every single parameter that has been reported to affect performance and on my hardware, my conclusion is as follows:

  1. the 471.11 drivers does work better than the good old 457.30, same applies to other VR games.
  2. HAGS ON almost halves my framerate. The game mode and variable refresh rate settings don’t make any difference.
  3. No Nvidia control panel settings make any noticeable difference, except VR prerendered frames which i keep to 1.
  4. Turning off virtualization in bios has a negative impact on performance.
  5. The 200% rendering “trick” does absolutely nothing for me. I’ve tried it with all possible combinations (resolution wise, etc)

Contrary to G2 owners here, the game for me actually looks and works best if i set the OXR resolution to custom 110% (i have an older wmr headset, so this doesn’t apply to G2 owners) and lower the ingame resolution to cca 80% which for me totals around 1900x1900 ingame reported resolution.

There are two choices in regards to creating a barable experience in my opinion:

  1. Using OXR 110/ TAA 80-100% with oxr motion reprojection. all graphics settings on default except cockpit refresh on high, aniso on 8 (or 16) and supersampling 2x2. I can smoothly play at around 2100x2100 resolution using reprojection.

  2. Using OXR 110/ TAA 80% without reprojecting but limiting framerate to 30 in nvidia control panel. Graphic settings same as above.

I can’t exactly decide which choice is more barable, but i’m leaning towards the motion reprojection setting, even though i can’t stand the artefacts.

This is my conclusion. I have literally tried every single thing i can find and on a “medium” end hardware there is just no way to create a perfect visual experience until (if at all) Asobo optimizes the game further.

My hardware:

I7-9700k (oced to 4900mhz)
32gb 3200mhz ram
Samsung 970 pro SSD
Gigabyte z390 pro motherboard
Gigabyte RTX 2070 8gb oc edition running at 1900 mhz
Dell Visor WMR headset

Best regards and best luck to everyone


Regarding the Artifacts, are you aware of the „10 propeller mods for MSFS“ Mod, that replaces most of the propellers with more reprojection-friendly versions?

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Thank you for the advice. I am aware and i am using them, however they hardly solve the issue as far as i’m seeing it.

Are you using custom liveries? The propeller mods unfortunately don’t work with most other liveries than the default.

nope. no custom ones. :slight_smile: Did the propeller mods completely neutralize the artifacts for you?

Otherwise, it is very easy to fix it yourself:

I agree about HAGS. Lowers FPS for my G2/3080.

Sorry for this question but…what is HAGS? Thanks

Hardware Accelerated Graphics scheduling. It’s under your Windows 10 Display settings. Maybe some MSFS installations may like it but mine definitely hates it.

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Oh, thanks! Yes, I remember playing with it a few months ago. It´s disabled now, but i should try it again.

Weird, I thought Nvidia was explicitly saying to keep HAGS on to avoid stutters - I saw someone over the weekend confirm that turning HAGS off triggered heavy stutters.

I can only suggest to everyone, just try it. Doesn’t cost a dime and is only a few mouse clicks away. I did and … see above. But well possible there are systems to like it. And moreover, it’s always possible one of these numerous Windows updates (or Sim updates) modifies the outcome.

Thanks for the write up. I can’t ddu back to 457.30. I get some kind of missing file and WMR complains about old drivers.

From what I can tell, hags can make a difference, but it has to be tried at each driver update, and can go either way.

To test, I have a set scene I use each time. Repro locks the frames (22.5, 30, 45, etc), so just for the test, i turn it off. Then I can monitor VR frame rate, and compare.

I play with repro on though.

yup, exactly what i do. but as far as hags goes, it has been detrimental to my performance in each driver since 446.x. I don’t understand how or why it benefits some people, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with rtx 2xxx series who benefits from it. cheers

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I’ve seen videos where it decreases Performance for a G2 and a 3080 and it does the same for my setup, which is a G2 and a 3080. That’s all I know. May also interact with the driver version, no idea

I’ve got a 3090 and an OG Vive and HAGS off ended up being worse (regular stutters). It’s something that seems to vary with different configs clearly.