My Simulator is not loading anymore! CTD with error everytime starting up! Plz Help

I don´t know what to do anymore. I didn´t changed anything and now I can´t start my FS anymore without this failure.

I hope anybody can give me a solution!
The strange thing is, taht the Safe mode is working. But a clean Comunity folder is also not helping me!
Thanks in advance for your help

Well it says that it couldnt get a grip of the program on your hard disk.
It has happened to me once.
I shutdown the computer but also removed all power from the PC. So not just shut down. Plugged it all in again a few minutes later and all was OK.
I dont know if this will help you but it worked for me.
If this doesnt help then I would suggest a reinstall of the Sim assuming you can see all other programs
on the hard disk.

Safe mode also doesn’t load any Marketplace items you may have obtained.
If you have any Marketplace items, you may want to uninstall them to see if they are the cause.

I found the solution and it was of course my own mistake. I was on SU 11 beta automatically. So things in the community folder and also in the official store caused my CTD.


thats very intressting, because lots of user get these memory could not read message, and all of these told they have no add-ons installed :joy:

Follow this…