Nav map bug

So I noticed if you land, refuel, take off then click the Nav Map it causes a CTD. Before I report to Zendesk just want to know if others have experienced this and in what circumstances? Is it the refuelling that causes it, just simply landing or taking off, or something else? If I can get more info I can do a more detailed and accurate Zendesk report of the problem. Thanks

Mine crashed after opening the VFR map mid-flight.

This is a known issue.

Mine is doing it too

Oh ok so it isn’t related to landing and refuelling?

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Apparently setting the Nav Map to open at the beginning of a flight, or just opening it as the first thing you do helps. But yeah, in the list of known issues with the last update.

Ok great thanks

This has helped me: Options, Assistance, User Experience, Load VFR Maps: “ON”

That will help with the CTD crashes but not an AI that refuses to follow the pink line :frowning:

Mine Map freeze when i’m open it. I can’t zoom, move or do anything… only close it. Very strange behavior.

Update: An hour into a TBM 930 AP flight I had the VFR turned off for about 30 minutes. I turned it on from the top bar and I got a CTD from there.

VFR is another nice way of saying: Nope, notta, nine…

So it is a no-go for me from now on.

its a known bug that is fully listed in the patch notes for the latest patch :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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