(NDU registry change) Increase performance immediately! AMAZING!

I’m just guessing but as long as you have unlimited internet bandwidth you probably don’t need this NDU network data usage service. If you do not have unlimited bandwidth then Windows could exceed your quota causing additional charges. This is a low level kernel-mode driver that depends on tcpip.sys


I see, thank you for these insights. I got 1Gbit cable internet without limitations, so i should be fine then.


And has anybody tested ??

I’m happy it also works for you :wink:


Does this only work with windows 10? and what are your nvidia settings Mike?

The setting is present in my Win11. If the issue has been happening in Win8, Win10 then I’d assume Win11 is prone too.
Interesting find. Makes me wonder if it’s something like this that’s causing all the issues with long flights and FPS drops as many are reporting. Especially as this issue seems to be a memory filling up over time thing. You should cross post this thread on that topic for people to try as it’s been an issue for many for a year or more.

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Hour in and i have noticed this, it has degraded slightly again unfortunately but my standby memory has gone from 4000mb to full!

I’m never in the air for long periods so have never noticed this degradation, only read about it. But today I’ll do a test and see if I can first of all replicate the issue (with no mods installed), if I notice a drop in performance then I’ll try the registry edit and see what happens.


I came across an old thread discussing NDU and memory usage. I think it could easily be a possibility for the reported tanks in FPS that people are seeing with long flights. It relates to download monitoring and FS is largely a streaming (download) data application.

Taken from this thread-

Interestingly it’s reported that every time windows gets a patch update the regedited setting for NDU gets reset so worth keeping an eye on for anyone trying this out if it does help it could revert with every windows update.


Interesting, Its definitely been a better flight, im just over the channel on decent and its abck to 30fps stable again so these settings definately helped, i did notice i had to put my cockpit refrsh rate to medium though at the start of the flight, changed it to high mid flight and it didnt like it so went back to medium.


Same here most of my flights are under 2hrs. A lot of people leave their long flights running overnight and come back to find FPS at 5FPS and or CTD and the bug has been about forever with no solution. I’ve seen people refer to potential memory leaks, but it’s been going on for over a year with no solution. This is def worth a try for long flight simmers. Interestingly it’s not all long flight people who see the issue, but maybe it’s size of RAM related or something else hardware related that causes differenes between users.


To link to my post; I’m sat on the runway at Gatwick in the A320 default plane (no mods remember) so not actually flying/streaming much data which could adversely affect the results.

I’ll leave it here for an hour whilst I do some chores (!), using Live Weather.

I’m wondering if I should the in game auto pilot on and have him fly over Europe or something :thinking:

Well if you assumed the NDU issue relates to dowloads /streaming then possibly a good idea to have it flying over lots of european cities for 2+ hrs and monitor resources. Quite a time consuming task right enough! I think one of the 5FPS people would be best to set off on an 8hr transatlantic and see if it helps them.

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Yeah I’ll do that then, I have no intention of flying myself today so I’m purely intrigued to this issue. I fly in VR but will have the test flight in 2D.

Someone should copy this thread (as a suggestion) onto the ‘5FPS’ one so that others who actually have an issue with long flights can check in parallel. I can’t say I’ve ever seen 5FPS, but I don’t fly much over 2hrs.


ive put it in the one where they talk about 40fps to 5 a few hours ago so see if it helps them.

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NDU ? … so far I know was these NDU stuff because anyone in big-internet reported long ago a conflict about network cards and these data driver , which leads to mem-leak in none-paged-pool. Oracle-mode-On: If the none-paged pool isnt full, it should have not an impact. May a better solution would be to check for latest network-drivers then.

How on good earth would a network driver issue cause a game to significantly decrease performance after X amount of time? Is it a Windows thing, does it affect other games/apps as well? Or does it only fix MSFS’s inherent instability and in-optimization?

I’ll give it a try as well, though I’ve never had the “5 fps” issue. But I do sometimes have decreased performance in the middle of a 2-4 hour flight at very high altitudes, which may go away eventually or it may not.

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na as mentioned… the main thing with these NDU was, that it caused ages ago a memory leak ( more the other drivers which conflicted with ndu ) and this can of course affects each application ( in special a multiplayer application with terrabytes of downloading ).