(NDU registry change) Increase performance immediately! AMAZING!

Ok, this turned my experience into… I can pan at high speed, exterior, and interior. And now im super dang smooth. Nothing changed, just this. Hats off my man!!! No stutters take off and land. I seriously need to do a video. And yes, current control set used :smiley: setting control set 1, set this also to 4 cheers. never changed it there.

EDIT: MSFS LOD 5.0 and testing!!!! New Fix!!!!! - YouTube


It’s unclear how this solution would be helpful.

From my understanding, the registry setting that is suggested to be modified is under “CurrentControlsSet001” which, by definition, along with “CurrentControlSet002”, are simply backup copies of the active “CurrentControlSet” sub-keys that is automatically taken after a successful Windows bootup.
Unless I’m missing something, the CurrentControlSet001 copy will likely never become active unless the PC has a BSOD and/ or “Last Known Good Hardware Configuration” option is selected a boot up.


CurrentControlSet is actually a pointer to one of the other keys having a number on the end. You can see which number Current points to under HKLM\SYSTEM\Select

But you’re right that everyone who wants to try this should be using CurrentControlSet instead. Nice catch.

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People are telling that the 001 should be dropped from your reg key. The 001 is a backup copy. So maybe you could edit your post to reflect this?

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I’m happy that for you too it changed the experience of the sim and its fluidity. :slight_smile:


@ 3:02 in the video… the view snapping is ridiculous fast, no pop ins ? huh?

No video in your post :smirk:

LastKnownGood is the backup copy. CurrentControlSet will point to ControlSet001 on most PCs that haven’t had some sort of catastrophic registry failure.

On one of my PCs that I had repaired in safe mode, ControlSet002 is my Current set. Making the change in ControlSet001 would not have applied.

I tried multiple aircraft overnight and I did not experience any degradation in CPU Main thread timings EXCEPT for the FBW A320 -Development version. I did try another addon aircraft such as the Twin Otter and now try the Aerosoft CRJ.
I originally changed the ControlSet001 folder. I then checked the CurrentControlSet and it had also changed

Ok thanks. Learned something new today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:

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Now testing with my final addon aircraft the Aerosoft CRJ.
FBW A320NX at the moment seems to be the exception

It’s there in the edit

What’s the consensus then?

Do people need to disable CurrentControlSet001 or just CurrentControlSet?


I would stick with CurrentControlSet001 as all videos/webpages use that that, but after restarting I did check the CurrentControlSet and that also changed to 4


Thanks very much :+1:t2:

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A good programmer would never use ControlSet001 in code, because doing so would be error-prone (for the example I gave above). Programmers use the standard CurrentControlSet.

Thank you for confirming what I have been saying. CurrentControlSet is a pointer to ControlSet001 on your PC. It makes no difference which one YOU use. But using ControlSet001 is not a standard – it is error-prone.


This fix is insane! Thank you very much :smiley:
I play on Ultra with my rig (i7 10700K, 64GB RAM, RTX 3070) but always had to deal with some stutters in my regions where I’m flying most of the time.
I recently downloaded a reworked airport (EDDN - Nürnberg Airport), which looks absolutley detailled and awesome, but i suffered from an extrem impact on my fps count (on the runway it went from ~38 to ~25 fps).
Now with this fix i am at 38 fps again with the same setup… yay! :smiley:

EDIT: Are there any downsides to this? Maybe an expert can evaluate, on what is really changing by setting this value? Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m just guessing but as long as you have unlimited internet bandwidth you probably don’t need this NDU network data usage service. If you do not have unlimited bandwidth then Windows could exceed your quota causing additional charges. This is a low level kernel-mode driver that depends on tcpip.sys


I see, thank you for these insights. I got 1Gbit cable internet without limitations, so i should be fine then.


And has anybody tested ??