Need a booster seat for the Cesna CJ4 jet

When landing the CJ4 I found the visibility over the dash to be so poor, that I couldn’t see the runway. I fixed this by hitting the up arrow I could no longer see many of the instruments but my performance improved markedly.

Do real pilots have to learn to fly sitting so low in the cockpit? Was I cheating by hitting the up arrow to get a better viewing angle on the runway?


A short-term workaround is to hit the Spacebar, which gives you a VFR landing view over the nose. You’ll need to adjust the view slightly down using the mouse to get more of the instrument panel in your field of view. You may also need to zoom out slightly to get a wider FOV to taste.

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If you are on pc, you can make a custom saved view. Setup your view point where you want it, adjust height and view angle, for example raise the height and tilt a bit down so you can comfortable see over the instruments, but still see them, then press Ctrl+Alt+1, now you saved the custom view for the aircraft you are in (this saved custom view will exist until you overwrite it with another one, so you only have to set it up once, and aircraft specific), Alt+1 will switch to this position. I mapped a button for this on my flight stick, also have one mapped to the default one, so I can switch back and forth quickly if I need to.

That’s not cheating. Most of the default viewpoints are way too low.
I’ve modified all cameras.cfg files.


I believe theres a default camera position in the UI somewhere. I have the Page up/down bound to moving my view up and down to get positioned. Not cheating as most aircraft seats are adjustable. In the 172 I fly IRL I usually adjust it to almost full up. Everyones bodies are different so you find what works for you.

It’s easy to adjust the camera height in the menu system, you can raise/lower/left/right the view…it’s fairly easy to just open that up for a plane that needs it and then just change it back for another plane that doesn’t have that problem.

I believe the up and down arrow keys lift your seat up; at least they do in the longitude…

The problem with the view shift is that you usually don’t alter the seat height during flight and especially not only for the landing.
This makes judging the flare pretty difficult.

For 2D it’s also important to include a negative pitch angle.
I have a button assigned which immediately returns the view to the centered forward view.
With the exception of the aerobatic aircraft I’m using a significant negative pitch angle so that I have all important instruments in my FOV as well.

This of course works only with a matching zoom factor.
I’m using 0.33 which results in the correct sense of speed an is provides a nice peripheral vision.

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Here’s a simple trick. See these baIIs?

These are not for sh!ts and giggles. You wanna adjust your seat height so you can cut a straight line right through all 3 of them. That way you’d get the correct sight picture every single time you flare.



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