NEW Nvidia Drivers: GeForce WHQL 516.94 - Nvidia has issued a security warning for it's GPU drivers on 4/8/2022)

No, I do the same.

As you do not mention the name of any software that you suspect is the cause of so many CTD’s and other problems in MSFS, this is not very helpful! The only tool mentioned in this thread for cleaning Nvidia drivers is DDU. You can find support and discuss your concerns in depth in their forum which you will find here…


I think you need to re-read his post as you’ve clearly missed Jigsaw’s point.

I tend to agree with Jigsaw - cut out the cocking about and problems seem to go away. Likewise I’ve not had any CTD’s for well over a year now and I just update the driver without all this DDU malarkey. I trust Nvidia to do the right thing more that I do folk in this forum.

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hmmm… I understood the post relates in that way to the whole gpu-driver topic, that it was like a hint that users should be more carefully with the settings they do. Normaly is no issue with a simple update of the drivers and also some special “cleanup” procedures are normaly not necessary. I assume it was’nt a critism nor somewhat against DDU. At least with that understanding I wrote my answer :slight_smile:

PS: user can like DDU or not. For me, I dont use it… Its to much work, to much risc, not necessary for me… But other users like it.

Nvidia is usually very good at cleaning up after itself so unless you are fairly certain of corruption I would only suggest DDU as a last resort rather than as a routine.

When installing new NV drivers best is to click custom install and then tick the clean install box, the only downside is that all previous settings will be lost (but I really don’t think they are so complicated that you cannot jot them down before you start).


I’ll do that from now on. :+1:
Usually too lazy. Did it once and lost those settings then I didn’t research again what the “best options” for MSFS are — so I can’t even remember what I have there now. Seems to be multiple conflicting suggestions anyway.

Anyone got a definitive best practice for those settings (most important ones at least) we could use please? :slight_smile:

(RTX2070 if it matters) :pray:

Tbf default is pretty good with only vsinc of any real concern

I thought the low latency “something” one was important?

Not really that important, just don’t set it ultra if you plan on making recordings. At least that’s what I find but everyone can test for themselves

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default + a usefull fps-max-limit … nothing else is necessary :grin:


I suspect all 3rd party tools that screw around with system files. Unless NVIDIA/AMD tell you that you need to use one, you don’t need to use one. It’s as simple as that.

I’m using PCs for almost 30 years now and I never understood people’s need to muck around with their systems so much. Let me tell you something: I installed Windows 7 when it came out, back in 2009. I used it on the same computer for 6 years without any reinstalls. When Windows 10 came out in 2015 I simply installed that over the old Windows 7 installation with no problems whatsoever. I used that setup for 3 more years without reinstalling Windows until I bought a new computer. I only moved the whole thing from a regular HDD to a SSD by cloning the drive at one point. Still the same installation. And in all that time I simply installed new drivers over the old ones with no 3rd party cleaning tools. Zero problems! On a Windows installation that was 9 years old!

Of course, in all that time I swapped out the graphics card for more performance with newer games. All I had to do (and I’m not even sure I needed to) was uninstall the old driver via Window’s add/remove programs feature and install a freshly downloaded one.

Oh … and the new computer? Well, that’s been running for 4 and a half years on the first Windows installation that it came with as well now. And I put in a new graphics card a few months ago. Same procedure. No cleaner. No problems. No performance issues, no stability issues. I run MSFS on High to Ultra settings with 40-60 FPS. No CTDs.

I guarantee you that regular drivers aren’t the reason for CTDs. The reasons are 3rd party tools, overclocking their system and messing around with BIOS and system settings based on heresay that usually only come with a placebo effect but a ton of problems as well.

Since I don’t do any of that, I have no problems.

There’s certainly a lot in this however you should always keep your PC up to date or one day it will simply refuse to boot and not everyone knows how to revive a dead PC.

The real trick to tinkering is understanding what you are changing and not just because some random blogger says so. Also monitoring the effects on not just MSFS but your whole system for both stability and possible side affects. e.g. turning off HT/SMT will affect other programs, video recording etc.

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Of course I always ran and still run the latest Windows updates during all that time. Keeping a system up-to-date has nothing to do with reinstalling Windows hundreds of times. :wink:

Of course I use my computer for a ton of other stuff as well. I currently have more than 30 other games installed (among them Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal, Red Dead Redemption 2, Forza Horizon 5). And I use my computer for video and photo editing with Premiere, Photoshop and Lightroom too. Zero issues with all of them either.

But again, I don’t tinker and I doubt that gaining 0.412 % of performance in one application is worth compromising the stability of the whole thing and all the time invested in trying to make sure there are no side effects. :wink:


Largely I’d agree. I don’t do overclocking or GPU driver removal (I just let GE Experience do that ‘clean’ upgrade) & I’ve seen no issues.
I was having a few CTD’s for a while and I generally keep windows (11) up to date religiously too, but I did the windows file checker recently (when I was having CTD’s’) and found a few problems that got fixed, and I’ve not had a CTD since.
The windows system file checker tool is discribed here

I think CTD’s can happen for a variety of reasons though, so I’d be careful labelling specifics, but certainly using your system outside of it’s speed specs would also be a prime suspect.


I run SFC scannow at least monthly and even on my perfectly working PC it often finds something.


I was surprised as my Win 11 pro was a fresh system install in Jan this year, religiously updated, and issues found. I’m aiming to incorporate the system check every month now maybe.
A shout to whoever it was that recommended it, I’ve been a Windows user for 30 years but Id not heard of the tool before reading about it on here.



Display Driver Uninstaller Download version

Recommended usage

  • You MUST disconnect your internet or completely block Windows Update when running DDU until you have re-installed your new drivers.
    *** DDU should be used when having a problem uninstalling/installing a driver or when switching GPU brand.**
    *** DDU should not be used every time you install a new driver unless you know what you are doing.**
  • DDU will not work on network drive. Please install in a local drive (C:, D: or else).
  • The tool can be used in Normal mode but for absolute stability when using DDU, Safemode is always the best.
  • If you are using DDU in normal mode, Clean, reboot, clean again, reboot.
  • Make a backup or a system restore (but it should normally be pretty safe).
  • It is best to exclude the DDU folder completely from any security software to avoid issues.

Looks like new Nvidia Driver just dropped. Driver Version: 517.40
Only see the Studio version for now


Thread closed as it’s OBE (Overtaken By Events) and was starting to get Off-Topic posts. As of date of closure, the latest discussion is below on the eve of Sim Update 10 Release.

In the future the current nvidia driver can be found here.