NEW Nvidia Drivers: GeForce WHQL 516.94 - Nvidia has issued a security warning for it's GPU drivers on 4/8/2022)

Why not use GEForce Experience to update the drivers?

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remember that the latest driver was released around the same time as patch2. so could be hard to tell what is causing what unless you revert and compare


If you read the following threads, you will get the answer to that question. BRGDS. Charles

My tests on my system were done post patch with the same driver. MSFS 2020 was not stopping my monitor display from initialising.

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Sorry not sure if you meant to link threads here? Personal experience is that I’ve always used geforce and so far had zero issues. Maybe I’m just lucky!


Hi Gordon, here is a video that I made post patch 2. Remember this flight over Vancouver is made on an old system, i7-2600K overclocked to 4.2GHZ and a MSI 1070 overclocked with 16GB of RAM. My settings have a lot of ULTRA in them and my shadows are 4K. This video should give hope to those who are trying to optimise their systems. There is a moment in the video where I did get a little stuttering however, it’s mostly fine. I turn on my frame rate counter around half-way through the video. I am amazed with the results that I have achieved, If I can do it then there is hope for everyone :grin:

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 09 18 11 41 33 02 - YouTube

456.38 WHQL definitely broke something on my system…

I downloaded & installed the driver directly from Nvidia last night before shutting down my PC and heading off to bed.
This morning I woke up and decided to have a quick flight around Vienna (LOWW) before going to work.

… Loaded up the flight and noticed it was very stuttery with EVGA Precision X1 reporting only 15-22 FPS in game. the Memory clock on my 2080Ti was looking good @ 7000MHz but the GPU was significantly down-clocked to between 525-600MHz – well below it’s usual range of 1950-2050MHz in game.

Strangely enough, while in the MSFS menu I see occasional GPU spikes up to 1350MHz.

In the two years I have owned this 2080Ti I can honestly say I haven’t seen this behaviour after a driver update… WEIRD!

Anyway, I’m at work now so I’ll investigate more later tonight.

I assume it’s either a driver glitch or some complication with EVGA Precision X1… We’ll see.

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MrCombatAce, thank you for your input, it will help people. Not all computer software and hardware environments are the same. Check out my YouTube video above, I think you will be surprised. BRGDS. Charles

@TheAviator3506, I have just installed the Driver 456.38 WHQL. What can I say? After updating the new Nvida Driver on my Geforce 2080 Super, I had no issues or stuttering as I did have yesterday, after installing the new patch 1.8.3 of MSFS2020.

However, my other issues still remain (controllerwise).

If I encounter a graphical problem (still trying the sim with the new driver) I let you know!

Installed the driver yesterday and seems much more better on the simulator and on my system overall .

Great to hear! Even though there are no further published optimisations for the simulator, some people report good and others bad. Sometimes just reinstalling the current driver can make a difference, a clean start. Charles

Mayday, Mayday.

I just installed and the program halted while loading on an all black screen.

I reverted, rebooted and I’m back in the air.

I have tested the new driver last night but noticed no difference (6700k+1080Ti)

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Mine was a white spotty screen that gradually faded into a mess! Other people don’t be put off, some of you will have great success with these drivers, It depends on the hardware you are using. BRGDS. Charles

crysis remastered crashes more aggressively than msfs

Looks stunning and pretty solid 40fps and smoooooth. What do you use to capture the video? I could do something similar and show you what I get - which is 45-50 FPS on slightly higher settings.

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I have no problems after installing this update.
I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB.
I used GeForce Experience to do the installation.


Hi Gordon, I used the so-called G-Force Experience. I am not all that keen on installing the extra software that Nvidia wants us to however, I have been experimenting with Nvidia Freestyle which comes with the drivers and provides post processing on games. There is some software included that allows you to stream and record videos and take pictures. Of course, I reckon this comes at the expense of performance and stutters. All you need to do is to install G-Force Experience, (an option with the drivers) and give it a whirl. Press CTL+ALT+Z to open the media recording overlay and ALT+F3 to open Nvidia Freestyle. Nvidia give you the option to ‘optimise’ MSFS 2020 within G-Force Experience, their settings are pretty awful!

I would be interested to see your video. Charles

Cool, thank Charles, I’ll give this a go

Your welcome … Charles