New Release: Bluemesh Skywaves Amphibious Ultralight Aircraft

The Bird Dog was many months before BLL XCub.


Ah, really? Was it amphibious or just a float variant (couldn’t taxi from water to land and vice versa)?

It could take off on land & land on water & vice versa when it released in late September. Check at 14:30 into this video: Cessna L-19 Bird Dog Float Plane & Bush Plane Review MSFS addons v1.1 - WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY. - YouTube

In Marketplace now. Has it been updated anymore? The inability to bleed off speed would make it a no-go for me. But other than that, I’d buy it.

Hello it’s now in version 1.4, so yes, you can see the dev log on SimMarket.


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Hi @BlueMesh3192, I’m a new customer of yours as of today.

Are you able to add a wake effect to the Skywave Amphib? It just doesn’t look right moving in the water without the white trail behind it as we’ve seen with all other water craft since Sim Update 5. Thanks!

I can’t seem to start the engine. I flip the master battery switch to on, and turn the ignition key to the right.
The engine tries to start, and then shuts off again. It can’t be THAT hard to start this thing. :frowning:

Did you open the fuel valve? (Behind you near the engine)…

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Why did I not think of that?
Sorted. :sweat_smile:


Still enjoying flying this thing, but still waiting for wake effects to be added! :ocean: