NEW SDK 0.14.1 will not download through MS2020

I can not download the new updated SDK 0.14.1 from the Sim.
I had the same problem for the last version. I tried search for the link with NO luck. Anyone have a solution ??


Same problem here too

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Download from Dev Options Menu (under last Top menu item - Help)


Thanks N6722C, That worked !

My questions is why will it not download from the provided link in MS2020?? ( I think we need some bug spray)

I assume things were just not set up correctly somewhere this time…
The Dev menu always seems to work fine …

I’d wait. I think the link is released too early, things are not in place as yet.

what do you mean, and How do you know? or are you guessing??

This happened last update also. Always use the Help menu download for now. Also there a FOUR files to download. Core, Documentation, Samples, and XBox samples.

Also remember this is not really going to update the in sim compiler, project builder, You have to wait till tomorrow Sept 7th. This is only good for the documentation and samples. The core stuff if you do wasm, and external builds with the package.exe and some 3DS Max plugin.

Thanks for the good info. Wait for the Update 6 to happen.

WHAT update #6 ?

World UPDATE #6 (9/7/2021)
SIM UPDATE #6 (???)

Using the word UPDATE for both is somewhat Confusing …

The SIM UPDATE is an UPDATE to MSFS code and functionality (and Bug fixes)

Adding new Scenery should be called something else, and NOT an UPDATE.


Anyone got lucky downloading the lastest SDK? I click download and nothing happens :confused:

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Oh I downloaded it OK but now trying to fly, the normal msfs icon transports me to the Microsoft Store. Thanks again, Microsoft.