New too forum help

Hi and May I firstly say thank you to who ever replies to this.
I bought about 5 years ago a dedicated computer to run fsx with windows installed on one ssd and fsx on its own ssd drive.
I’ve bought fs 2020 for my son for Christmas will this spec pc run this game
Intel i5 3.2
Gigabyte GeForce gtx960 4gb
8gb vengeance pro memory
ASus B150-plus d3

It should be able to run in very low settings.

I recommend an upgrade to 16GB memory as 8GB will just not cut it.

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Your G card will be redundant for MSFS2020, very shortly or will be unsupported. There are a number of threads about it - this one in particular :-1:

Edit :- Forgive me… that,s a miss quote… PLease read this as, “It is assumed/Presummed your G car will be redundant or unsupported”

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Thanks already would 16 gb be enough or take it up too 32

Thanks hope it works for now till I can upgrade g card at a later date what’s the next not too expensive to buy please

That system seems like to be on the very low end:

If your son is going to do a lot of simming, I really think you might want to get a newer system altogether, rather than investing money in something that really isn’t up to the task.


Memory is very cheap right now but with such a low end system I don’t think a 32GB will give much better performance then a 16MB.

MSFS needs CPU-GPU-MEM its a combination of the 3 you can cheap out on the rest.

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Yes, sadly, I agree.
Trying to run MSFS 2020 on a machine with those specs whilst [just about possible] would
make for such a poor user experience that it would, in my opinion,risk being so counterproductive
that it might just turn your son off simming for life.


Thanks for the advise guys just looking eBay now gtx1060 6 gb any good ?

probably won’t do you too much good on that current motherboard/CPU/memory config. Power supply might be lacking too.

In the light of the fact that it would [with the greatest of respect] probably better to consign your existing machine to less stressworthy tasks such as GOG’s and word processing, myself, I would put that upgrade money in a pot labelled ‘new computer’, and take it from there.

I say this knowing that I am disappointing you.
I am sorry.

There are decent 8GB cards out there from AMD, like 5500-5700 series. Won’t break the bank either.

This sim loves 8GB cards. The historical VRAM analysis after launch day is clear on this.

Thanks all really appreciate the time and effort your making