New VR Headsets for 2022?

I’m running G2 which is great BUT what is coming in 2022… anything more immersive? Finding it difficult to see anything in the pipeline when doing basic google searches for PC.

Even if they make an affordable higher res headset, it will be impossible to run MSFS at good FPS without one or two more Gens of GPUs, so I don’t think the question is entirely relevant yet. The Vario VR-3 looks good in theory though,if they made a consumer version

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I’m expecting both Oculus and Valve to release new headsets in 2022 but I’m not sure either will be great for MSFS. Valve are likely to bring out a standalone/PCVR hybrid that puts a steam deck inside of it to allow native Windows integration, a big one up on the Quest’s android standalone capabilities.

I think Oculus will announce either a Quest 2 Pro or a VR/AR hybrid, along with some consumer AR glasses that won’t be relevant for us simmers.

I don’t expect either to be better than the G2 for MSFS specifically, although I’m excitied for non MSFS VR use.

It might be HP again who make the best headset for us, with a G3 refresh…

The russian state space agency ROSCOSMOS has announced they are entering VR hardware market with their new XR product line. The claimed specifications are quite impressive:

Roscosmos XR-2 specifications (as provided by

  • Viewing angle – 157 degrees diagonal
  • Resolution – 5760 × 2880
  • Frequency – 90/120 hertz
  • Eye-tracking – yes
  • Positional tracking – laser with unlimited object tracking area and the ability to track up to 256 objects, motion tracking error is no more than 5 millimeters, two base stations cover an area of ​​200 square meters.
  • Support for operating systems and environments – the project’s SDK and API will work with Astra Linux (SE), Windows 10 with or without SteamVR, on its own platform.
  • Origin – the entire hardware and software complex will be developed in Russia.

That does look very strong…wonder what sort of hardware they think can run that They should launch it at the same time as the Top Gun release from MSFS. :). I’m reminded of the line in Red October where the Navy carrier captain is talking about how the Russians will get the sailors off of the submarine and says “son…, the Russians don’t take a dump without a plan”.

The Decagear should be out at the end of this year. Same resolution and POV as the g2, but with eye tracking, mouth tracking, face tracking, hip tracking, grip and finger tracking and the option to go wireless all for a seemingly unrealistic $450.

Does seem a little too good to be true…

+1 there are already headsets with more FOV and resolution than the G2, the issue is modern hardware cannot run MSFS in them at an acceptable framerate (yet).

In 1 or 2 GPU gens or once/if DLSS is implemented, then we can talk, but for now the G2 is your best bet.

It does, I don’t think technology is there yet.

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The frame rate is principle ok, but unfortunately the FS has problems with wide-FOV HMDs, as an enormous frustrum culling sets in above 115 degrees FOV, which is anything but immersive. The only remedy is to render from an additional viewport over the HMD Driver (parallel projection), which of course requires nearly 35% more power (lessFPS).

Oh I did not know that

I’ve read the other posts in the dedicated topic and it is unfortunate:

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Microsoft need to allow VR headsets to work with the XBOX console. I think anyone who puts on the G2 headset and plays MFSF for even 10 minutes will realise that its the difference between feeling like you are actually sitting in an aircraft vs playing a video game.


I have a 5950x and rtx3090 and I have to reduce OXR down to 75 to get what I see as an acceptable frame rate with a G2, not sure how an xbox would cope with such demands.

And made by a team of about five people who previously made spyware. Yeah smells like bs to me.

Try Pie in the Sky’s recommendations on Youtube. I have a 3090 and 10850k and get decent performance with the G2 now. OpenXR 100 percent with motion reprojection off and set at 85 in game with most things on high/ultra.

I think anyone who is into VR should know that an Xbox is never going to give you the best experience. You should move to PC.

I think I’ve tried them but we all have different preferences. I like fluid motion, then clarity then prettiness in that order. So for me 45fps is a minimum and I find oxr70 clearer than TAA85. I also have to have live weather as I think the unpredictability of it is far superior than the uniform defaults. Clouds ultra is also a must, and building and trees are high. Things like lights shafts, shadows, reflections and OC are either low or off to compensate. For me this worked better than anyone else’s guide and I’ve spent a long time trying different settings.

I have of course experimented with MR but find it pretty horrible with OXR. SteamVR does much better with games like DCS but I think that works with 45fps and oxr now 22.5.

I hope somehow sometime VR will get some attention and a nice 25% boost or something. We can hope…

Brightness, Contrast, Gamma controls would make my Reverb G2 NEW!

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I bought MSFS from Steam, but I bypass it completely and just use OpenXR. For me it runs better than mixed reality for SteamVR. I have OpenXR set to 100 and 85 TAA in game. I’d love to have it 100 in game as well but it starts to stutter a bit then.

I’m expecting them to start improving the VR performance now they have got the Xbox release out of the way. Hopefully DirectX12 when it comes will help a bit too.

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