Newbie needing trainer wheels for HP Reverb

My 2c: I use VoiceAttack with a plugin from Github and a custom profile based on MSFS profile - links were posted in this forum somewhere. I have extended it to read me checklists and even do some interactions with me, for example, waiting for my voice confirmations before continuing the checklist, or doing things like turning landing lights and fuel pump when I ask to proceed with before landing cheklist. Basically you can map anything that’s mappable for keyboard, and let it work with your voice. It’s amazing how it helps immersion and frees you up from the extremely slunky mouse interface. Together with my DIY VR Control box it almost completely eliminates any mouse interaction in VR while flying.

Here is the link to the post about my VR Control Box project, if you are interested: [WIP] cheap DIY VR Control Box - 6 dual encoder / 8 button / 1 3-pos switch project

Regardless, VoiceAttack is not expensive, plugin and profile are free, and it really helps with VR. I used VoiceMacro software with X-Plane, and it’s free, and can also be used with MSFS if you like. It uses the same MS technology. However because of a dedicated plugin VoiceAttack is much more robust in terms of interaction, can read your speed for example, or do action depending on the speed or many other parameters read directly from MSFS.