Night Enhancements Worth It?

I also feel that DreamScenery is priced too high. I bet they would sell a ton at $4.99. Based on the reviews, they seem to be good work, but not too many sales due to the high price.

I want to buy some, but I will not pay $9.99 a piece. If they ever go on sale with a reasonable discount, not 10%, I would buy quite a few of them.

I buy a lot and I’m sure I’m in the top 1-2% of Marketplace purchasers. I normally mark thing I like and wait for them to go on sale. But I do also buy at full price, such as the Twin Otter, which I bought full price on release day, or other stuff which I just can’t wait for it to go on sale.

Maybe DreamScenery should also bundle areas and give a good discount. Hopefully they read these messages and do something about their pricing.

Update: I think $4.99 would be a fair price for them.


I agree and wish they would tone down the lighting with HDR it’s really overdone in some places. But overall these night lighting packs really help to enhance the world.

As a side note to others, do not purchase the Las Vegas night lighting but instead get the Fly Tampa Las Vegas Airport. It comes with Vegas lighting and is a much better value as you also get buildings/landmarks as well and it’s all nicely done. (Works with Xbox too)


Fly Tampa’s Vegas is a lot for the money for sure, definite thumbs up.


Well, you can never go wrong with FlyTampa.

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If the dream scenery guys are reading this, I just purchased the daytona one tonight… I like it really lit up alot of things and looks nice. However, can you please light up the helipad on top of Halifax Hospital for me in a future update. The hospital is just about 1NM NE of the Daytona Airport. I am flying Heli’s and well this would be an amazing update for me! I tried to search for Dream Scenery’s contact info to make the request but couldnt find it/

This is an interesting topic, because when being able to have the autopilot fly fully IFR one can finally become… the night flier!

I will check some interesting night and illumination enhancements on YouTube to see which ones are best :slight_smile:

I got the Taburet US Northeast light enhancement to see how it worked and looked. And the answer is… it makes a pretty significant (and positive) difference. As noted above, it’s a wide-area mod; it doesn’t focus on a city or cities in particular. It adds lampposts to various spots in the urban areas, and to more roads than the default lighting (more non-primary roads are now lit). The urban areas – e.g. greater Boston – look MUCH more urban now, and more like I remember from the window seats while flying into Logan at night. The only thing I’d point out is that there are probably more mercury vapor lights in real life than in the Taburet package, which primarily uses white/yellow lighting, but that’s a very minor nitpick.

Obviously only useful if you plan to do night flying in a region, so no need to buy the entire world’s worth of mods. I think I’ll be getting the USA West for sure, and also Australia if it exists (I’m not sure it does yet). Maybe Italy too.

I don’t have any experience with the Dreamscenery ones, so I can’t compare.

London, England looked pretty good with the latest UK version. I seem to recall they also removed street lights in rural areas. It’s a bit difficult to model city lighting accurately in the UK as some areas switch all but essential street lights off at midnight or 1am until 5am.

I’d be impressed if someone could model that, though I have to say, even in semi-rural areas the light pollution remains bad even when the street lights go out.

Hah wow switching off the street lights at night? That´s so cool medival fantasy-game style where everything is fully dark at night with just some cities and villages as the only islands of light in complete black darkness.
This is so cool back to nature style, and don´t let urbanisation sucking up EVERYTHING nature-related.

But one is grounded like a MAX when the flashlight or the night vision goggles run out of battery during new moon, or when the car fails.
You can only hope that there is enough battery left to lock the car doors when the wolves and other nightly beats start to howl and snarl, because in these big cat nationalparks the cats can already open the car doors.
And wolves learn sometimes even faster how to open their canned food :smiley:

Ah installing the night overhauls now, flying over Scotland and in UK might look even better with these.

Been debating buying the Oklahoma City Night Enhanced as it’s my home area but that price like many have mentioned here keeps holding me back. Been searching forums and YouTube to see if someone made a video of it and haven’t found one yet.

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Hello, I bought LFMN Night Enhanced, but not working :frowning:

I try to desinstall and reinstall the JustSim LFMN pack, but still no light in the airport…

Like everyone looking for some kind of review that would push them to get a Night light scenery. I only found one on line so I had to just get it and trust the process. (LOL)
Please know that I really don’t fly at night. (Dusk and Sunset Maybe)
I got night light for San Diego, for my night carries landings. I have to say that it was worth it to me.
Now hold on… Not for 10 dollars for all the places I would like to fly at night. However, only if you love the area, I think it will be worth it.
If it was 5 dollars, it wouldn’t matter if I like it.

  • I only fly in VR and the blacks are not so good but WOW. It really helps with seeing things on the ground.
    Who knew San Diego had so many golf courses? LOL
    Only in the Osprey it brings the ground to life. ( Low And Slow )
    If you only fly in a Jet or airliner and fast . Buy an airport.

Anyone know if these addons can be used together? example Samscene3d NY times and Dreamscenery Night enhanced. Samscene is good but Manhattan still looks to dark.

I saw a while back where someone said they can conflict. I can’t see why it would cause problems myself… I do have quite a collection of Dreamscenery’s Nights now, and all or most of Samscene’s as well as other enhanced cities, but I don’t think I have any that overlap. I also kinda wonder how it works.

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It doesn’t work with Dubai Landmarks. MSFS gave me a refund
And to be honest its not worth Ten dollars .


In my opinion, it’s not worth 10 bucks. The cities are over lit in my opinion. The outskirts are lit well, but when you fly over NYC you have a bunch of different buildings lit up too bright. I wish they would find a way to tone it down and make it look a little more realistic because the lighting down around the cities are actually very solid.

The SamScene3D seems to be better by itself in my opinion. I turned off DreamScenery’s awhile ago and like it better for the reasons I listed above.


Thanks for that information. It would be nice if Asobo or a 3rd party dev could display manhattan at night a bit more realistic.

Agreed. It’s really just the buildings. The streets aren’t too bad, but the buildings are all extremely dark as they don’t have too many realistic lights coming off of them.