Not AAU1: Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modification Project

Hi can anyone advise where the manuals are if any for the longitude please?

If you go to Working Title’s discord server, you will find it under WT_News and it is the Operator’s Guide. Hope that helps…

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Cessna Citation Model 700 Longitude Operator's Guide

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Good checklist in the last 10 pages. Can’t wait to finally try this plane.

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Hi Folks - please note this thread is for the non Working Title Mod - i.e., Dakfly as author - Longitude. Thanks.

Have been flying Longitude for over 2 years & have been happily using Dakfly’s FDE mod. Just updated to AAU1 & am flying the same plane… It is barely able to fly! Feels like the plane sustained some serious brain injury :slight_smile: … Right now it’s flying happily at FL406, it’s supposed to be FL400. The ATC is nagging me to descend. The FD is pointing “down” but it’s soldering on at the same FL406.
I am trying to coax it down with setting of FL390 and VS -2400 but to no avail.
In the climb, it could not hold the set speed on AT, going up and down; on FLC, it was climbing, then pausing, then climbing… etc.
I appreciate all the improvements to the G5000 and systems modelling, but the plane’s number 1 function is to fly…
What’s the status of the FDE mod? Are we not able to use it at all?
And finally, 1000 thanks to dakfly… I am really appreciative of all he’s done on this.

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Make sure you remove all Mods from your Community Folder. The Dakfly mod (and others) clashes with AAU1. I have near-zero issues with AAU1.

I did remove the FDEfix and WT-G3000 mods. I did have three Longitude liveries in the Community. Will try removing them & see if it helps…
Just finished flight, but not happily (crashed the plane coming off AP on approach…). Had to switch to manual controls earlier. It does hand fly nicely & trims nicely.
Removed three old liveries, restarted sim, and the plane now seems to be flying properly & the autopilot is doing its job…


Hi All, just to echo @CasualClick above; this forum is for the flight dynamics mod I created for the Longitude well over a year ago and is not related to the AAU1 update from WT - please direct specific inquiries regarding that release to the correct forum. I have had no interactions with or support to or from WT on their efforts released with AAU1. I haven’t yet verified or attempted to check compatibility between my mod project and the AAU1 update and it may take me some time to complete that process. I’m sure there will be conflicts. At some point soon I will test the changes with AAU1 and determine what, if anything, might need attention from a modification standpoint. If AAU1 has successfully incorporated handling and performance improvements to the default/stock Longitude mod, I may elect to close down this forum and suspend the longitude mod project links at However, if I find that there are still opportunities to improve performance, I will update the mod to be compatible.

Thank you!


Thank you for the info, much appreciated

Hi Dakfly, just like to thank you for all the hard work you put into this mod. I am not normally a jet lover but the Citation with your mod made me think again. The Citation is now one of my go to aircraft when I fire up the Sim.
I haven’t tried the AAU1 update yet but I am delighted that you will continue with your work if AAU1 falls short in any way.

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I delete I was confused, excuse me

@chiwi60 dude, did you not read the last two posts? This is not the forum for WT or Asobo.

I’m sorry, my head doesn’t give for more, I repeat, I’m sorry

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This is the Longitude, not the Citation.

According to Textron Aviation, it’s both: :grin:

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good attachments.
Saying Citation, that means the family of, or one of CJ4, Mustang, Latitude, Sovereign, Longitude…etc.

Therefore, refering to Model 700 should use “Longitude” in here.

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A big apology for the following question which may prove my total confusion.

Do I need Dakflys Flight Dynamics Modification loaded based on the latest update from Asobo which states that a number of updates have been made to the flight dynamics specifically to the ‘Longitude’?

It’s not recommended to install this FDE mod atop the sim if you updated to (AAU 1 as of yesterday 31-JAN). Dakfly is investigating the differentials.

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Just want to say a big TY Dakfly for your continued efforts on this. Having a bunch of incompatibilities or changes pop up on your plate with a passionate community is not an easy seat to be in. Here’s hoping Asobo got it all right so your continued time investment is no longer needed.

IMHO, the more FDE addons that can be shuttered because of Asobo default improvements, the better for everyone.