NOW RELEASED - Shorts Sd3-30 / Sd3-60 and Sherpa project from Blackbox

Gotcha. Its still in the early stages atm👍

I’m pretty sure the Islander has a 430 in it, so no real need to re-invent the wheel if that is what its supposed to be.

It is still a WIP and it’s a vintage Garmin GPS 400:

GPS 400 | Garmin


As long as it works, and can make use of WT tech, I guess that’s fine.

Regarding the GPS

#1 - Had we left off the GPS altogether, “some” users would be screaming for one and attempting to fit all sorts of add on units.

#2 - We decided to fit an “OPTONAL” GPS unit so that users have the choice of using/not using it

#3 - We also decided this would be a Custom built “period” GPS400 Unit

#4 - The GPS400 has all useable features of the real GPS400 Unit

#5 - Our Optional GPS400 unit uses all the very latest technology from WT (Now Default)

#6 - As the GPS400 uses custom code, it is future proof and safe from future Updates or add ons


That sounds great. Looking forward to it.


The question is though… does it have vnav…

Just kidding…

I think the pictures are slowly winning me over… i mean… its ugly as…
But hey… Im not exactly brad pitt either…

Gosh I hope you guys do a J32 or something like that…

Small steps though


The SC.7 appeared in several episodes of Fear the Walking Dead. I was hoping that version would have been represented here.

The SC7 is far from a “Version”
Its a totally different Aircraft and will not be modelled at this stage … sorry


I am excited for this. I often see (and photograph) this USFS Sherpa at my municipal airport.


Beautiful! Which airport is this?

KRDM! The whole region has incredible flying.

HEHE … The GPS400 Doesn’t even have Autopilot or Nav Comm Radios.
It will load Lnav (flight plan) and Rnav Approaches… even show you VNAV Messages
BUT !! Best you can do is Drive Nav1 or FD from the GPS … the rest is manual

Hey it IS the 70’s :slight_smile:

The Islander was around in the 60’s yet has a 430. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

OH Well we better pull it from sale then !
Horrified ! :roll_eyes:


Merely pointing out that your reasons for re-inventing the wheel with a 400 when you had a working 430 you could have used with much less effort hardly seems like an era based decision.

Your reasons are your own, but I think it has nothing to do with this being a '70’s aircraft.

Will it be available from your store as well as the Marketplace?

:rofl::rofl::rofl: oh mate that was a great reply…

I think I might have been turned around with this aircraft after following all of these posts in this thread…

Initially I was like… this is fugly as fugly can be…

But I think it’s starting to warm on me…

Love vor flying with the bae so I’m definitely be keen to fly a propliner for that purpose

I’m all for having a Garmin 400/430 in this as the real thing would certainly be retrofit over the years. As I said before, what we’ve seen in the picture above doesn’t look much like a 400 at all and obviously has a long ways to go but I look forward to seeing the finished product

Looks exactly like a GNS400 to me, it will provide guidance per the statement it uses the WT code. There’s no AP anyway, so hand flying is appropriate and necessary. Nice to have something a little different for a change.


The aircraft has a really nice AP - Collins FCS-65