[NZA Simulations] - Christchurch International Release Previews

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the NZA Simulations testing team, and have been given the go ahead to share the following screenshots of their upcoming Proline scenery for NZCH - Christchurch International Airport.

The shots show the release candidate version of the scenery that are subject to change before final release, which will coincide with the upcoming New Zealand World Update…! (Some of the aircraft shown are custom static models, that blend seamlessly with the other AI traffic from FSLTL.)

I might be a bit biased here- but out of all the payware international airport sceneries that are available for the platform to date, this is by far the most extensively detailed and accurately rendered package that I know of. Enjoy! :new_zealand:


Do you know if the static models can be disabled?

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Most of the static aircraft in my screenshots are from a the FSLTL Traffic Mod.

There are two static aircraft that take up spots on the Antarctic Apron which aren’t really an issue, including a USAF C-17 and LC-130 Ski plane.
NZA say they are looking at implementing an option to disable certain things as an option.

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