Oculus quest 2 and fs2020

Hi, there is any way to connect the oculus using wire to the computer?


Oculus link using usb

So, with that usb, how to connect to fs?
Any usb type C could be use or has to be the oculus one
What programs do i have to dwonload?


Once you have that wire what do you hace to do to let it work

Any usb c that can support the bitrate.

You install the oculus app on your desktop. Then once setup plug in the cable and on the quest 2 under settings you will have an option to enable the link.

When you say under settings enable the link, where do you mean?


Once your get connected try this out and see if it helps.

Try this video for getting started with Oculus Link.

But the steps to make it run in fs2020 after installing oculus link, what to do?
I mean, i lunch fs2020 as always
I open oculus link
And in fs2020 enter in vr

Is this right?

Try this:

Go into Oculus Application on your computer launch it,
Make sure you have the Beta -> Public Test Channel activated.
This should push the new V24 of the software . Install it restart
Launch Oculus Application - > General -> Unknown Sources to On
then try CTRL +TAB when sitting inside the plane!

Hope this helps

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Hi, where is the beta public test Chanel activated?i mean wherre to find that in oculus app?
How to download the v24?

I download everything today so i thought i had everything updated

Thanks for your help

Does anyone know why I can’t get objects in vr mode?

VR has its own settings in the graphics. You can swap between VR and normal graphics settings at the top of the settings screen.