[Official Discussion] June 16, 2022 Development Update

Will there be any plans to fix the photogrammetry issues introduced during WU X?

In Boise the river floods parts of the city and morphs in weird places around KBOI and doesn’t blend with surroundings. Then around Charleston the forest is green but it looks like the images were taken in the fall so it looks strange.

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Been watching https://steamdb.info/app/1250410/depots/ – as far as I can put together when the qa_upload branch gets an update that means they’ve frozen the code and a new version is gonna drop soonish™. Really sounds like next week in this Dev update.


For posterity:

We will soon begin public testing of our next major update, Sim Update 10 , which is currently slated for release in August. If you would like to help the development team by testing this update and reporting any issues you encounter, please watch this space for information on how to join the public test.

Where can we find the information for “how to join the public test”, I did not understand the last sentence.


I guess they’ll mention it here in the forum space when it’s time to do so

Watch the announcements section for future posts, they usually put it there.

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“We collaborated with 343 Industries , the developers of Halo Infinite , to simulate this famous science fiction aircraft in the most realistic way possible”

Just…LOL. You can’t make this stuff up.


Today is crash day with this error. Since some day nothing, but today each flight… when will this fixed???

Screenshot 2022-05-31 084530

Why? I suppose for people who haven’t bought another game since FSX or XP11… well as of 2012 or so, it’s absolutely stunning and incredibly groundbreaking.

feel free to join the club:

How can you “simulate” something that’s pure fantasy and make it “realistic”?

I feel like words have lost all meaning. It’s pure nonsense.


Physical laws are physical laws. they COULD actually simulate it.

On the other hand, you probably didn’t recognize my sarcasm. :wink:

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Hey @SeedyL3205 that was a well written and detailed weekly dev update. I noticed it said posted by you, so just wanted to publicly give my thanks.


Thanks for the kind words, @moxiejeff, but I can’t take the full credit for this dev update. The Weekly Development Update Blogs are a collaborative effort by the entire MSFS Community Team. Typically, @Jummivana writes the intro section and coordinates gathering the information for the remaining sections from the other contributors (although she was out on vacation this week), Jorg provides the Feedback Snapshot, Development Roadmap, SDK Update, and Third-Party Update, I write the Community Video and Twitch sections, and @iinKWest is in charge of the screenshot contest. We also have other hardworking colleagues working behind the scenes, such as the Marketplace team, who play a huge role not only in bringing new and updated products to the Marketplace but also sending us the content for that section.


Why do you think this is nonsense? Of course it’s possible to simulate a fictional aircraft in a manner that is realistic and follows the laws of physics and aerodynamics. Our developers worked with 343 to get the (fictional) stats for the Halo Pelican such as its dimensions, weight, speed, etc. and then created the MSFS version from the perspective of, “If this fictional aircraft were real, how would it behave? How much thrust does each engine need to produce? What kind of controls and instruments would the cockpit have? What are the flight dynamics of similar-looking real aircraft such as the Bell X-22?”


Well props to the team. This update had a lot of specific details and is appreciated.


Posted this in a new thread – but for those interested, another in depth interview with Jorg that actually caught my ear a few times – learned a few things.

343 should not be consulted for accuracy on Halo.

Okay! Thanks for the info!

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