Official Discussion: May 11th HOTFIX []

Absolute fools errand.

I have gotten CTDS in SU9 hotfix more than any other version of this sim .I have lost count how many times the sim has crashed and I am on the PC version!

Heres me saving for a PC too. It doesnt sell it hearing this lol talk about jumping out of the hot pan into a fire lol. Hope its stable soon for all of us having problems.

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the end of tactical flights over airports is for the update 25000000000 , it’s completely unrealistic and unthinkable for a simulator like MSFS2020

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I created a topic about this as it seems also to help some Windows 10 users as well:

Tried this but can’t see any difference.
Really bugs me seeing that some people have no issues and some can’t fly at all.

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I wonder if someone could help. Ever since this mini-update whenever I exit a flight to return to the main menu, MSFS hangs. Blue bar goes to about 3/4 of the way along and stops. If you leave it long enough it will eventually get to the end but then stops again. MSFS is still running according to the Windows Task manager.
Top end PC and never had any problems before other than when Microsoft stuff up yet another gaming services update.

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So, instaled the 600 Megas patch, started the Sim and first CDT ever, picture froze in headset and back to desktop.
tried with 3 diferent drivers and 3 bios, same.
Thanks Asobo.

Sorry man and welcome to the club.

To all fellow simmers. I really feel your frustration here, especially for xbox. One thing I can advise is to scroll through the questions for the next Q&A and upvote everything that you recognize and find important to ask. Or even create a new topic there. Good luck and I sincerely hope they will be able to solve the issues before the weekend.

Seems it’s happening! Jayne says:
We have identified the specific crash instances and plan to release a hot fix as quickly as possible (we are targeting Friday) to get Xbox and Xbox Cloud Gaming users up and running again.
For those currently unable to launch on Xbox Series X|S due to World Update IX, we have just released a beta build to the Xbox Insider Hub

All to be read here


What amazes me is how, time and time again, they can be so careless. Is no one held accountable for making these mistakes? Is the work environment so laid back as to just let it keep happening?

I really enjoy this game, but it gets so frustrating. I worry with each update & hot fix that this could be the one that gets me.


I guess someone, or at the least some process will be held accountable. I think there’s something fishy going on in the delivery line. Again something slipped into a release under the radar. Remember the mystery update from a few months ago?
Look at the apology and the line about that they see that they need to up their efforts re QA. Maybe, hopefully they’ll come with a little more info during the Q&A.

I hope as you do, but honestly, I have heard almost 2 years of apologies and “We are upping our game”.


Yeah, I know… and I knew you would post something along those lines :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
But you’re right. We only can wait and see. I’m just happy for the xboxers that it seems that they can play this weekend again.


I agree with that. Let players play.


Wow, I started with SU7. Having 80 fps VR on a 3080 seems insane.

I’m getting 45 fps on a 3080ti with FOV rendering and final resolution per eye of 3000x3000

fov dont work with the quest 2…
and today’s pushed update made it even worse …

and today with changed settings at medium low i get max 2000 x eye at 43/45 fps

I cannot figure out how to reinstall this!? I find no way of removing it and reinstalling it.
[EDIT] Found a way to do it, didn’t help me unfortunately. Neither did reinstalling gaming services.
When is X-Plane 12 out?

Getting the same error as OP after I joined the Insider Program today. Tried redownloading “Digital Ownership”, but it keeps saying “something happened on our end” and fails. Anyone able to help?