Official Discussion: November 10, 2022 Development Update

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I see what you’re doing. :smirk: Gonna take a guess and say we’ll be getting some good 3rd party surprises?

I could be wrong, but I’ve been hoping some 3PD’s (3rd Party Developers) have been working on things to release alongside the new flight dynamics.

Excited to see what we’re getting.

There will be no new products being released tomorrow. There will be some updates to existing Marketplace products to make them compatible with SU11.



Ooooh. :sob: Well, at least I’ll have my Bell 407 and the Goose!

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I suppose the third party helicopters (like the Kamov) and gliders will be among those that will be updated.

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Im Hopeing in there will be a few helicopters come out quickly after release

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Sorry but still not buying the Felon even for $8.49.

How does this stuff even make it to the store while other items are delayed.


It says 12 new but I only see one.

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Because the more impatient people become the more likely they are to make impulse decisions and buy early to satisfy their having waited and make it feel justified. Honestly a pretty good tactic, if people are actually buying instead of waiting.

Too Soon

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[quote=“[BLOG] November 10, 2022 Development Update, post:1, topic:555193”]
As a friendly reminder, those players who are taking part in the optional SU11 beta test will be migrated to the new release build approximately one hour after it goes live.

is the new content in this new release build?

Haha… That’s the way how Ms/Asobo wants to let it look more than it is! At the bottom there are 7 new products in today’s update, not 12!!!
They simply count each product twice as soon its releases on both platform.

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Ok, now we know that the target to get WASM working on Xbox with SU11 has been massively failed, can we get like weekly updates on WASM for Xbox??

Or at least you guys sent another worker to the WASM support to double the effort?? (Just joking)

But honestly, please give us regularly and clear statements about the status of WASM for Xbox from now on!



Whatever was in Beta 11 will be included and hopefully more optimized, tweaked, and fixed from when they closed Beta 11. For those in Beta 11, they weren’t forced out of the Beta sim version and required to downgrade back to SU10 official build, thus being migrated over an hour later to whatever build SU11 is.

Seems like more of an appropriate Q for the next Q&A than the development post focused on tomorrow’s release.


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Yes, the content will be relieved if you are in the Beta, it beta testers will be receiving it an hour later than SU10 players.

That’s a shame no harrier this week then :disappointed:


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No worries!