[OFFICIAL] Twitch Flying Lessons: C152

This is great stuff, good job on not getting brain freeze for the first time on coms. I hope you get to continue the series!


I think I’d like to echo what others have stated here. Really enjoyed this series thus far. I need to take the time to review the lesions, but I’ve picked up some useful things so far. Here’s to hoping we get more of these next year.


Very interesting!! I may never be able to afford flying lessons, so this is a dream come true. Thank you very much. I’ll try to tune in to the live lesson next time.


cant wait for the next lesson


Thanks for the feedback everyone! We have decided on two lessons this month. The next one will be on January 13th, and the second one will be on January 20th. Looking forward to it!


Amazing News. Thanks Jayne!
Looking forward to it. Can’t wait :grin:


Thank you, Jayne and Forder, this is great material. It’s also a good argument against those who say MSFS is just for flying around and watching landscape. You can learn a lot at least about the basics and VFR flying when taking these lessons seriously.


Why is a MEMBER teaching a COMMUNITY MANAGER how to fly on FS20? Shouldn’t that be the OTHER WAY AROUND? :man_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:

I say that with love lol

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Not to put a dampener on the “Flying lessons” - they are great fun in the sim, but it should be noted, and announced at the start of each of these streams , that they are for entertainment purposes only.

Even if Forder was a Real World, currently Certified Instructor, lesson via a Internet Stream are fraught with legal issues.

Anyone watching these Video, even with a RL Pilots hosting them, should be made very aware that any information obtained from them should not be considered to be RW flight instruction.

I would suggest a permanent subtitle be placed on these stream, indicating that the instruction presented in them are for “Entertainment purposes only, and should not be considered to be Real World Flight Instruction”


Absolutely! I believe we have a disclaimer and a command to state that, but will remind everyone at the beginning of those streams that they are for entertainment purposes only. Thanks for the tip!

I would LOVE for it to be the other way around. :wink: My skills lie in community managing, however, not flying. I hope these lessons help me be a better community manager for the flight sim community!


So then what if a pilot wants to be a community manager? Are there tutorials for that?

The “tutorial” for that is probably, at least, a 4 year BSc degree in Marketing :slight_smile:

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Great lessons and very beneficial. Please keep it going. Thank you so much!

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Ok, so then as the recipient of an MBA, specializing in Entertainment Business I’d be a shoe in lol… let’s roll dude! :money_mouth_face:

Just watched lesson 2. Really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Looking forward to next session :+1:

Just found the lessons and wached Lesson 1.

I hope that when the lessons are finished for the Cessna there will be Lessons for the other planes, at least the instruments.

Thanks @Jummivana and Forder for doing this. Lessons are :1st_place_medal: Please, keep up the good work! Any luck finding and sharing the PDF of lesson 1?

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Could you please upload this series on YouTube?

Yes, that is the plan. Other planes, starting with a real progression to the C172, then to twins. It will depend on demand. If after Jayne solos and is the equivalent of a private pilot license, we would poll the viewers to see if they want more. There is plenty to learn and plenty of planes to learn in. Thanks for your question.
-Howard (Forder)