[OFFICIAL] Twitch Flying Lessons: Cessna 172 G1000

Nice, im looking to start too, so will look at your videos.

Lesson 4:


Lesson 5:

Lesson 6th has been scheduled for Dec 1st for learning Night Flying! Hope to see you there. :slight_smile:


Our lesson on VFR night flying is today! Hope to see you there. :slight_smile:

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@Jummivana, did Lesson 7 happen? I can’t see it here. It’s showing in the Twitch schedule, but clicking on it doesn’t work.

Same here, showing as occurring on 22nd December on my Twitch schedule but 28th Dec on another page. Hoping I haven’t missed it
Happy Christmas everyone

Hello! We usually keep this page more up-to-date than Twitch, apologies! The next lesson is tomorrow, Dec. 28th at 11:00am PT/ 2:00pm PT. It will be a little different from our regular lessons, and will be a cool surprise. :slight_smile:

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Lesson 7 PDF is now available to download. Our flying lesson is still on schedule for 2022-01-12T22:00:00Z!

Intermediate7MSFSofficial-Public-compressed.pdf (2.8 MB)