[OFFICIAL] Weekly Dev Update Screenshot Challenge - Small but Mighty Ponds and Lakes

Japanese Archipelago near @ RJOO

Brienzersee (Switzerland)

Denali National Park (Alaska)


Lake Hillier - The famous pink lake off the coast of Esperance, Western Australia.
Pretty sure we’re not allowed to land on it! :sweat_smile:


Small. Insignificant. But when they get together, look out!

In my GA (General Aviation) days, I spent many hours flying across the Western Australian Desert areas. Small and large seasonal, but mostly dry lakes are scattered all across the continent. The lakes in this region are spectacular!
Sunrise Dam, a mine site to the north of Kalgoorlie near the town of Laverton, has absolutely spectacular examples of these seasonal lakes. This one is dotted with ‘islands’ giving the area an other-worldly appearance. This pic depicts the last flight out for the day (the lights weren’t operational back then yet).

Mount Gambier, in South Australia sports a famous ‘Blue Lake’, in the crater of an extinct volcano. It changes colour depending on the light and weather. It does have this effect a little in the sim, and is a different colour to the lake next to it.

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Flathead Lake in Montana