One of the most important bugs Sensitivity screen bug not listed today?

Perhaps I’m missing something.
I’m reading today update and there seems to be no mention of bug for sensitivity calibration option not working ?
(I’m not talking about too much sensitivity bug for aircrafts that is indeed listed)

You mean the one that says “known issue - Fixed”? Yes, it was mentioned.

If you mean today feedback snapshot TOP Bugs number 15, it’s not what I’m talking about. That issue is about aircraft sensitivity in general.
I’m talking about Bug of controller sensitivity option screen (menu) not working , the bug introduced last update.

Hi @marty2756, the development team is aware and provided the following comment, "We have fixed this issue and will release it in the next patch. As a work around until then, feel free to edit the files manually if needed: "

Current plan is for the patch to be released Tuesday.


Thanks, yes. I knew about the workaround but didn’t wanted to mess with external files, and planned to wait for the patch.
What seems strange is no mention at all in today update, and whats more … there’s not even a date for next patch fixing it.
I can’t understand a bug of this type is not considered critical, also considering it’s a new bug introduced in last patch. It’s a shame.
Well… I guess there is nothing much to be done except keep waiting.
Thanks for the reply anyway.

I believe the reason it wasn’t mentioned today was because the team already addressed this last week, specifically saying it had been fixed and would be in the next patch. It is listed in the “Known Issues” link at the top of all forum pages, as well as the “Top Issues Tracker”.

Planned for next Tuesday, per the latest Development Roadmap. It lists the next patch (Update 3) as having a planned date of 9/29, and also mentioned by the Community Managers. So won’t be long. :+1:t2: