Online services are unreachable?

Yeah, Western and North Europe is dead again. embarassing

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Nice to see that I am not alone. England here.

This could be a while, anyone got a Snickers?

3:30ish PM “summer no workavue” France and US is on holiday.

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Same here in Minnesota

Same in Australia

Problem in Norway as well.

Same Germany…

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Same here too

Same. How comes these outs ALWAYS seem to take place on Asobo holidays?

I also had to create a new account just to post this, despite having one. I couldn’t even choose a username, I was just assigned one and made to accept it.

Same here Netherlands

Thanks for the responses guys, glad to know I’m not alone also. UK here as well.

Missing my Amiga and “Birds of prey” :wink:

Let’s hope this is some service or support in the making, that will get the sim stable in the future.


Happy Juneteenth!

Sounds like they need somebody to put a few coins in the server, doesnt it?

CHICAGO offline

Same here Brazil!

I am wrong or the servers are very unreliable those days?


Same in Québec

Southern California - Offline