OpenXR, motion reprojection

Hi everyone,
I am new in the VR world. I have a mid range PC (Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2060 and 32Gb of RAM) but thanks to SU5 I can now enjoy VR, and no, there is no way I can come back in 2D :slight_smile:
I also have a low resolution headset (HP Windows Mixed Reality).

When I started to read VR forums, 2 things completely new to me where reccurent in the threads : OpenXR and motion reprojection. I started to learn about them, so I downloaded Open XR and blindly selected the latest runtime as everyone said. Is that it?
Do I have to start OpenXR everytime before I start the sim?
Should I select motion reprojection with this config?
And why do we have to select render scaling in OpenXR since we already do it in the sim settings? Which one over-writes the other?
I have 100 render scaling in-sim and a pretty smooth experience with medium settings, the only downside at the moment is my headset resolution which makes everything a bit blurry. Hopefully this can be improved in some way?
Last thing, I don’t understand why a lot of people use Steam VR to run the sim, I don’t use it, should I? Is it because unlike me they purchased the sim on Steam?

I know these are basic questions but I failed finding the answers. I hope I am not the only one starting VR thanks to SU5 and maybe this will help a lot of people.

Thank you very much

It’s up to you. Results (and preferences) vary from system to system and person to person, so the only way to answer that definitively is to try it and see which you prefer. It’s supposed to offer a smoother VR experience in performance-heavy games, but some say it introduces micro-stutters in MSFS.

Neither overwrites the other, they both work. Setting it in-game determines the resolution of the image produced by the sim, setting it in OpenXR (or SteamVR / Oculus) determines the resolution of the image displayed in the HMD. Sometimes there is performance to be gained by lowering one and raising the other, for reasons I won’t go into here. Again, the only way to find the “optimal” settings for your situation is to try it yourself.

Maybe, maybe not. VR is always going to appear “a bit blurry” when compared to a regular monitor, so it’s something you have to get used to. It’s just a limitation of the current technology. One way of improving it are the aforementioned render scaling options, but then you’re looking at reduced performance instead. In VR you are always going to juggling performance and quality to find the best balance for your preferences… welcome to the fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

People will use whatever their HMD requires to run. For me that’s the Oculus software. For Valve HMD users it’s SteamVR. For you it’s apparently OpenXR. In some cases you can use other software if you choose, for example I can run with SteamVR if I want. The benefit is that SteamVR has some options which Oculus doesn’t. The downside is that performance is far, far worse by a mile. So it’s not worth it for me personally. It might be for you, if SteamVR has a setting you feel you desperately need… so perhaps try it and see. Or if you’re happy as you are, save the time and don’t bother!

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Read this post (the top part, maybe not the whole thing with hundreds of replies) from a true expert on all things VR in MSFS and it will answer all your questions and give you great suggestions on how to tweak the various settings in the sim and in open Xr to help get a smooth experience. Also check out the various YouTube videos on VR settings for MSFS. You will have to do trial and error for your hardware but the post below is very helpful and a must read in my view. VR is great, even if it’s still new and developing. I haven’t gone back to 2D.


Thanks for your reply, but does OpenXR have to be opened each time I start the sim?

open xr renderscale is mostly the resolution outside of the cockpit, so how the world looks like. ingame renderscaling is everything in the cockpit.

I personal prefer to put the ingame at 100% so all the instruments are clear and easy to read. The openXR at 80% or disable the option. I do have a RTX3080

And no, you dont have to open OpenXR each time you start the sim. It will save the settings.

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