Outside clarity on different Headsets

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For start, my PC specs are: i7-8700 (though I’m thinking about upgrade in future, but ATM it’s this). 32Gb RAM, RTX-3080. So as I’m QUest 2 user I began to wonder if other headsets have better outside-of-cockpit clarity. For example I can barely see taxiway/runway signs at daytime, less so at night cause they’re glowing and you really can’t comprehend what’s written there. As I’m flying airliners mostly (A-320 NX project) I have very good clarity in cockpit, everything is smooth and readable, no blurry letters and such. I’ve played with most recommended settings and no matter what (be that 60% with 1.7 SS setting in ODT or full scale graphics set in Oculus app with 90Hz and 1.5, SS set to 0 in ODT and 100% render scale) - outside picture is still blury. I think that main bottleneck is Oculus Link so HMD’s directly connected to DP in graphics card should have it better as there’s no need to compress video to low rates (like default 150Mbps or manually set 500), so something like G2 should have it better?

Hi I am not an expert but I think there is something not quite right with the MSFS VR rendering/aliasing/post processing… Its not the link cable as other apps remain clear in the distance (when at native resolution) and they use link as well. For this reason I also guess other headsets will have similar issues, although I can’t confirm.

I made a topic asking similar a few days ago (though no replies - so either nobody understands what I mean, nobody agrees or nobody cares :grin:)

Well yes, I’m waiting for 5th update which is coming 27 july, but I wanted to know how other HMD faring in that regard. I have read many posts about G2 problems but didn’t find any mentions of outside world clarity with airport details in mind, most of them are about beauty of scenery (which is beautiful for Quest 2 too) so I wanted to ask users of other headsets about that. I don’t want to change my HMD, I’m thinking about maybe buying additional HMD for flightsims with G2 in mind (or maybe Vive 2 Pro if that’s viable).

I recently picked up a Valve Index. I followed the settings from CptLucky8’s thread and in Steam VR settings I’ve turned brightness from the default of 130% down to 100% which is mostly ok so far, though at mid-day a bright snow-covered mountain in the distance blends a bit into the bright horizon.

For airport markings I’m mostly following the yellow taxi center line, green/blue taxi center/edge lights, and the runway markings for lining up. These seem decent to me with CptLucky8’s settings; at the initial defaults the texture filtering was really bad, making it hard to see upcoming changes in the taxi line, but I’ve found it improved with those settings in place.

I’m not really paying attention to the taxiway signs because a) it’s hard to read anything small, b) they don’t appear at all at moderate distance, and c) i’m using the taxi chart in Navigraph as my primary reference for where I am.

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