Overclocking... is it time?

5.2 GHZ 8700K, Water-cooling, Copper IHS, Gallium.
Also Hyperthread disabled in the BIOS for more single core performance.
Work’s perfect.
GPU OC 2070S OC @ 2040MHZ and +600 memory clock.

The gain of OC CPU from example 4.5 to 5.2 does not result in more performance. Sadly there is something limiting ! V-SYNC OFF at my side.
Tried 30-60 FPS but OFF is more fluid.

GPU OC does the trick but hard to find the right spot. Thread optimization ON at NVCP result in my setup with lower FPS. Turned it OFF.

I have this thread bookmarked regarding MSFS2020 settings. It’s continually updated after every in game graphics update.

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