Patch Notes/Change Log

Can we get the actual patch notes with changes? For example, SU5 was supposed to fix the Approach Flyback bug. But in the update screen if we click V, those notes aren’t real patch notes with a changelog.

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They always get posted here in community announcements, should arrive shortly.

Edit, scroll down to release notes, near bottom you can find link for known issues too: Microsoft Flight Simulator Available Today on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox Game Pass

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That’s the same information you get when you click v in the update tool. Again, as I mentioned, those aren’t proper patch notes. I even gave an example that SU5 in the Feedback snapshot mentioned Approach Flyback bug was supposed to be fixed.

Where’s all the Aviation fixes. Where’s all the Airplane fixes. Etc… We need real patch notes.

Yeah ok, they’ve done it in a different format
to normal.

I would assume given the substantial engine rewrite there are probably too many changes to list, hence the different format for this update.

I would suggest if the bug you mention isn’t in the known issue link, then they assume it fixed and if it is still present then it’s worth a zendesk ticket.

Yea, it doesn’t work like that for sure…

There will probably be no changelogs for this update…

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Sorry, but I consider that unacceptable. We need a list of fixes.


I said they assume it fixed, not that we can assume it fixed. If it was a previously known issue as this one was, and it’s not listed in the “known issues” for a new update then they must logically have considered it fixed by the update.

Well I hope you get what you want :man_shrugging:t2:

I wouldn’t be holding my breath given the breadth of changes undertaken in this update, but you never know.

That’s pretty barebone in term of bug fixes for the sim…

There’s nothing at all for plane fixing

Really hope those patch notes are incomplète

No detailed Patch notes this time, there was no time for compiling them…

It’s mainly focused on new xbox features.

I think that’s very unlikely, given the state of the avionics and aircraft prior to yesterday.

Known issues lists four minor bugs on this area. If that’s all the ones there are that’s impressive. The KAP140 for example was a nonsense.

I suspect known issues is very specific and does not include “things we’ve barely bothered to implement yet”

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