I noticed that if I pause a flight of course the aircraft stops moving but continues to consume fuel. I sometimes have to use the pause function and it has meant that on a couple of occasions I have had to refuel in flight . Not very realistic!
Is ther any way to change this?

Just press ESC it is pause with no fuel use or anything as everything is on pause.

And as a footnote, pausing a flight is by nature NOT realistic. :slight_smile:


Pausing a flight is not very realistic!

Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, just bear with us whilst we pause at 35000 feet to go make a drink, back on 10 :rofl::joy:


Are you using active pause or pause?

Thankls for the info . I think that using ESC is the answer. Sometimes having to pause a flight is unavoidable due to various circumstances.
You know life must go on even when flight simming, or to put it in legal parlance " The law must take it’s course"
Thanks for the answer.

You can assign the P-key to pause the sim and assign Ctrl+P to unpause the sim. Now you can dial in your ILS freq. or whatever you want to do that needs some time or overthinking without leaving the cockpit. The time will not progress nor will any aircraft system.


Despite what everyone here is saying, there is no actual pause in the sim.

vote here to get a full pause:

If you use ESC, click on load/save and then on load, the sim will actually idle, the cooling fans will slow down and temps will decrease.

Well Tjoeker, I have to disappoint you. The P-buton assingnment freezes the sim at that point. Only time progresses, not the sytems progression like airspeed and so on. You can easily check it out by making a steep climb on AP where airspeed drops. Use active pause or the assigned P button and you will see the difference. I agree on your wish for a real pause and I voted for that.

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Folks, use Set Pause ON and Set Pause OFF - unfortunately it requires two button or key assignments.

Set Pause will freeze the plane, system, avionics, fuel burn etc. The only things that keep on going is Weather,Traffic and Time.

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‘active pause’ is exactly that - it stops the airplane but all systems remain active

you have to go into the controls section of MSFS and assign a key command or J/S button to the actual ‘Pause’ and to ‘Resume’ from pause which, as noted, stops everything except the virtual world from turning.
This is what describes how the flight simulator is separate from ASOBO’s earth model…overlaid on top and not integrated.

I have used ESC Save/Load then shut down the sim for a couple of hours. When I restart and load the flight it starts up OK with the aircraft in the correct place, but it does not reinstate all of the perameters of the flight. This is flying the FlybyWire A320neo.

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