Peru: Journey to Machu Picchu - Community Fly-in Event

I had no idea the invite links expire. It’s fixed now, thanks.

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The fly-in event starts 1 hour from now.

Has the Dscord event started yet

Yes, ready to go.

Is it on the event 1 or 2?

It’s our own server:

HUUUUGE thanks for the running commentary! I’ve flown this plan 20 times and I never knew those things. Super interesting. :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Fantastic! Thanks for the tour!!

Thanks for the great tour!!


Here is the link to @PoofsMutt video if anyone wants to watch it back.

Complete with amazing commantary from @qowiboy

Thanks very much both!

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fantastic! many thanks, God bless you!

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I’m happy to stream for these events. Thank you for the Flight.


A great video from Airsho over on Discord.

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