Plane in nose dive after returning to Sim from menus

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`Brief description of the issue: Pressing button to enter Sim menus while flying, upon return to SIM plane is in a nose dive with flaps on full and trim max down.

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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:Go into menu and return

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:Xbox Series X with Xbox controller

`Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: Intermittently since the software was released on PC.

Please get something this basic fixed. I am so sick of stupid issues like this that immediately ruin a flight. This is so pathetic that after 18 months we’re still dealing with junk like this. I have had the same issue periodically occur on my PC as well, so this isn’t unique to the Xbox.

I’ve found the rudder to hard-over a few times and also the engine cut out for no reason on the runway on return from a menu

I have experienced this multiple times in different aircraft on the PC as well. Not good when you’re close to the ground :roll_eyes:

This is probably an issue solved on some other posts. The problem is due to duplicate control bindings on mutiple pieces of hardware. For example a hardware throttle and also a throttle slider on your joystick result in the throttle being zeroed after pausing the sim. Also happens to flaps and any other setting that is duplicated. Solution is to remove any duplicate bindings on the hardware you don’t need/use them on. This certainly fixed this issue for me.

What kind of peripherals do you have connected?

I thought this too, I have a HOTAS with pedals, Velocity Flight yoke, mouse, keyboard, gamepad all connected but none of them have duplicated assignments.

If i use a menu mid flight, i’m pretty sure to return and find the rudder hard over and going into a spin/dive.

I recorded this video today - all i did was press Enter on the gusts input box :slight_smile:

The enter key has no assignment in my setup

Controls freak video

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Same here. Yes, on my PC I have multiple controllers available and some connected simultaneously, but I have “no-op” settings for all of them. I have created empty profiles for all of my controllers so that when using one set I don’t have to unplug another one if I don’t want to by just simply applying the “no-op” profile to the unused ones.

As for the Xbox, I have the Xbox controller and the Turtle Beach Velocity One, but they are never connected at the same time. It’s either one or the other, so no chance of a conflict there.

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On the Xbox, the Xbox controller or the Turtle Beach Velocity One. On the Xbox I never have both plugged in as I’m only using one or the other. On my PC I have the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, the Turtle Beach Velocity One, and a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. As mentioned in another post, I have “no-op” profiles for all four. These are empty profiles I’ve created that I apply to the ones I’m not using if they are plugged in. I generally don’t keep multiples plugged in, although if I’m flying a helicopter I’ll use the Logitech and Bravo together, but I have separate profiles for them that apply to the helicopter and have features turned off. For example, when using the Logitech with the Bravo, I’m only using the joystick and twist rudder capabilities of it. All other functions are not set with it in my “Using with Bravo” profile. I do similar things with the others as I will occasionally use the Turtle Beach Yoke with the Bravo Throttle when I want the Bravo’s AutoPilot functionality but the TB Yoke’s integrated rudder pedals and so on.

When I went through and created my profiles I took the time to go through and press every button, throw every switch, etc. on the devices I use together to make sure I cleared any duplicate settings leaving only those functions I wanted to use on that particular device when “mixed and matched” with another.

The other issue is it’s not consistent. Yesterday when I was frustrated and posted this issue it happened repeatedly with the JMB VL-3 and the Robin CAP 10. I then flew the same route with the Cessna 152 and the CJ4 and no problem, so go figure.


Similar issue here I think, but a bit more specific and not associated with any duplicate bindings as mentioned previously. Only occurring with Xbox menu, not regular pause menu:

Are you on Xbox, Steam or Microsoft Store version?


Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

Using Velocity One and a mouse. After (usually accidentally) hitting the Xbox guide button and then resuming the game (by clicking the resume button with the mouse), all axis inputs (throttle, condition, prop, aileron, elevator and rudder) immediately reset to zero until another input is made on the yoke. If caught quick enough, you can avoid putting the plane in the earth, but engines on turboprops cutout and need restarting mid-flight.

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

As above, and occurs whether Xbox guide is hit first, or whether the game is paused and then the guide is activated. With the camera set on the yoke and levers, you can see them quickly go to 0 just before the game pauses.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

Xbox Series X, TB Velocity One and wired mouse (also occured with wireless)

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

Currently on SU VIII Beta, but also occurred on the WU VII public build, and I believe the one before that.

Having similar issues with usb mouse, USB keyboard and velo1 hooked into USB ports. I am getting this issue where I am cruising along fine and all of a sudden the velo1 seems to reset causing constant roll, return of inputs to those similar to ones described when returning from the “esc” menu in mid flight. Any ideas? XSX user. Is it possible multiple inputs is causing velo1 to reset or temporarily not be recognized by usb hubs?

It could be, make sure your profiles are set so there is only one input per assignment. Keys/buttons are not 100% critical but axis inputs really are.

Also in assignments/profiles, when you do an input search or assignment have you ever seen multiple results pop up for a single action? There are plenty of videos on this, maybe the VF1 has an intermittent issue where it sends out these multiple outputs during use? Just guessing here as no way to really test this but it might explain some random issues.