PMDG vs Fenix Performance

Glad to hear the PMDG is running well for you.

I have a similar specd system and am on the fence between them.

The FBWA320 runs ok for me so thinking maybe the 737 is the right move and stick with FBW for the time being.

Besides… I live near Burbank CA and see the Southwest 737s on approach all day long.

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I am running an i7 10700KF which unfortunately doesn’t have an igpu. Paired with a mediocre rtx2060super the 737 runs better than both the default 747 and 787.
The biggest bottleneck in my rig is the GPU .My fps barely maxes out @50 in the air 30s on the ground at big airports. Hearing Fenix runs worse than PMDG I think I will hold off for now and stick with the 737.
I do want the a320 for ATL and Miami routes but won’t take the chance!

So based on many comments here, looks like Fenix A320 has a hefty cost to performance. And it looks like it may be more CPU bound.

I have an i5 9600k 6 core oc’d at 4.7GHz. I’m getting quite a bit out of it paired with an RTX3080 FTW and 32GB RAM. I run the sim at 4k with render scaling set to 80. Most of my settings are set high, with few mediums and one ultra (clouds). LOD is set between 150 and 200. But I get excellent results and looks very good.

I get an almost constant 60fps with the CRJ. 50-60fps on the PMDG, though closer to 30 on large cities and busy airports (which I don’t fly often). So based on what I’ve read so far, I would be getting even less with the A320. I should mention I do NOT play in VR.

Looks like I may need to wait a bit for Fenix to provide additional optimization on the plane down the road and/or until I upgrade my CPU/Motherboard.

I guess I can play it at a lower resolution at 30fps… but, you know. I don’t want to lol.

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I get similar performance to you with the 737 and get about 40-50 fps in cruise or small airports with the Fenix A320. At big airports that can drop to 25-35 fps. Of course I would like to to see some performance optimization but I’m willing to live with that performance for a very (very) good aircraft.


Now that I own the Fenix a320 it is the heaviest on fps more than any other plane I own.
The fps hit is noticeable during taxi, takeoff and landing.
When I landed at LAX yesterday by fps dipped below 20. I don’t even go below 25fps with the 737!.

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I can barely taxi outta KLAX in VR with the Fenix.
It’s the hardest hitting on frames on ground I’ve experienced also, in this order.

  1. Fenix A320
  2. PMDG 737
  3. BAe 146
  4. FBW A320
  5. Leonardo Maddog

You don’t own the DC-6, I presume?

I don’t, was never interested in the DC-6.

Wow. That is quite a bit of a hit. What’s your fps like on less busy or more rural airports like?

Judge yourself


This is INSANE. Almost 40 FPS difference. Did you fool around with the display rendering options (CPU, GPU etc…)?

Sounds like an absolute worst case scenario he is experiencing. The difference can certainly not that great after you optimized everything.

All the same, I have decided to wait with the Fenix now. I’m extremely serious about optimizing everything and their architecture looks like it would hammer my system. Of you dont have a supercomputer it’ll make you do a lot of things that don’t seem right: you run an external exe to simulate the plane, there is going to be massive interprocess communication, it’ll stress the internal GPU and more cores which will heat up the CPU, sometimes it will not even work because the exe doesn’t start … etc

I absolutely stress that I’m not blaming them. We get an integration of the professional Prosim A320 into our favorite flight sim which is a first, totally amazing and unique, but there simply is a price for that architecture that many with lower mid range systems are not able to pay at this point. With a future hardware upgrades this is going to change, I assume that 8 or 12 cores and 32GB do wonders for this.

But right now I need a constant 30fps more than Prosim.

hey guys first of all my System

32GB RAM (I think a slow one, but cant check it now bc i am at work)
i7-9700k OC to 4,8ghz

Can anyone tell me why i get with fenix or basically any jet only 25 fps on ground?
(high settings… QHD)

EDIT: other planes run pretty smooth

The reasons are several. The Fenix a320 is a complete study level plane. Basically all features and components work as they would in real life. It is able to simulate everything from a standard point to point flight, to emergencies. These type of features are very CPU heavy. Even with the CPU you have, which is quite good, you need to understand the CPU is also handling AI, physics and game logic in addition to such a demanding plane.

The plane is also visually rich with details. Having a compete cabin with detailed seating, windows and lighting. Even the seat belt and no smoking lights work. So basically, it is a very demanding aircraft. I’m sure with future optimization by Fenix, this aircraft will become less demanding as they become more experienced.

For the meantime to help with fps, lower your Terrain Level of Detail down to 100. This graphics feature is extremely demanding. Also, once DLSS becomes available, this will go a long way on improving performance. At least in the visual side of things.

I have been wanting to pick this up but maybe wait until the Fenix FPS is on par with both the PMDG and FBW. Currently running ultra settings 4K HDR. Honestly anything near or dipping below 30 FPS for aircraft or airport should be illegal LOL.


I ended up deleting my post by mistake.

Completely agree with you here. Fenix A320 is in just another level of simulation overall.
I bought the PMDG 737 flew a few times and im holding till they release what should have been released on launch: the EFB. other than that phenomenal airplane from PMDG.

EFB on Fenix just set the bar very high for any other airplane. For me that adds a lot on the experience thats why im holding a little more to jump on the 737 fo real.

Meanwhile i think this might interest you and others.

I did a test here from something DaveR44 mentioned on the topic related to an alternate gpu to render the displays on the airplane. Since my CPU have no video built in , I attached a RTX 3060 exclusively to render the displays.

I ended up getting 10 more fps overall and the EFB became much more responsive as well.

I was getting around 30fps jumped to 40fps+ anyways never gets over 50fps at all.

most my settings are high and ultra.

My system:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600x 4.4ghz
RTX 3080 (Running 2k 2560x1440)
32Gb ram

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Interesting. I thought I would miss an EFB in the 737 but I don’t. Everything is easy to set up through the MCDU and for charts and maps I have a separate laptop where I can switch between Navigraph, Simbrief and other apps much easier than through an EFB.

The Fenix A320 sounds like a perfect aircraft (except for some performance issues) but I just can’t get excited for yet another A320 after flying the FBW for so long. The 737 is also so much prettier, both externally and internally. Plus, I can’t really go back to not using a HUD anymore. Such a useful feature that really makes hand-flying so much easier.

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I agree with you here. It would have been nice to have the EFB at launch, but I’ve used PMDG’s lineup of planes before EFBs became standard. I quite enjoy using the FMC. I find it easier to use than Airbus’s equivalent FMS. Just my own opinion of course.

The last time I flew the A320 was in Prepar3d from FS Labs. I only flown the default neo very briefly and never got into flying the FBW one… should probably give it a chance before investing on the Fenix one. But I was always more of a Boeing guy. I’m really having a great time with 737.

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No doubt the PMDG 737 is an incredible aircraft and i can say that it feels more realistic in the cockpit.
But I advice you 2 to spend that 60 bucks and get the Fenix A320. Not only for the great job they did but also the atention to every single detail. Everything works like the real thing. Its a must for any simer.

EFB is so well done by Fenix, makes flying much more enjoyable. You can use navigraph, configure procedements, calculate departure / arrival , all while in the cockpit.

In the end we are the winners, so many great aircraft coming.

Ill try out the HJET today and also having a blast with the milviz c310, highly recommend.

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I recommend for you guys enjoying the PMDG 737 to use the Celthyan – PMDG Boeing 737–700 4K & HD Wear and Tear Textures v3.1.0