Popouts crashing app using DX12

I noticed that when I open a popout when using DX12 the app still crashes even after I installed the new Nvidia driver. I wonder if others are seeing the same thing. I should add before the app closed I got a message saying there was a problem due to overheating, overclocking, a problem with the driver. I was not overclocking, or overheating. Driver issue then ?

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I’ve seen other reports of insta-CTD under DX12 with popouts. Personally, that hasn’t happened, but I’ve had several CTDs so far under SU10 with the new nVidia driver using DX12 and popouts. I have no stability issues with DX11 with or without popouts. Haven’t tried with DX12 and no popouts, so I don’t know if it’s related for me.

In any case, popouts are even more messed up now than before it would seem. Such a crying shame considering they had finally fixed them in the initial SU10 beta release.

Yep. Happened to me last evening. Moved back to DX11.

Can confirm. It’s 100% consistent, and happens when I click a previously-popped-out control, or attempt to pop out a new one. Switching to DX11 to see if that is a temporary solution.

[edit] switching back to dx11 indeed resolved it. I can utilize popouts w/o issue.

One thing I did notice before the app closed was that there was no loss in frame rate when I used a popoout.

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When I initiate pop out windows with DX12 beta, I get an error about graphics card overheating and CTD

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i7-11600KF, RTX 3080Ti, 32Gb RAM

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I have this too and all ready made a topic about it, that received no traction.

It is really a pity… FPS of Pop-out windows with DX12 seems to be better with DX11 (when it works).


New NVidia drivers just installed, and I’m no longer getting the insta-CTDs when interacted with popped-out panels on a second monitor with DX12 enabled. Hooray!

[edit] “new” drivers meaning: 522.25 Game-ready drivers.

Is that the 517.40 studio driver you installed? Just wondering because I have tried that with DX12 to no avail.

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I also experienced the CTD when I switched to DX12 mode. I use popped-out panels on a second monitor. I also had DLSS set to Quality. I experienced this with both the 517.40 studio driver and 522.25 game ready driver.


For me it was the 522.25 game drivers – I didn’t do a deeper set of tests, but before it was an instant CTD the moment I clicked a previously popped-out control window (ATC, etc.) when DX12 was enabled. Obviously the causes & conditions probably vary a lot.

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