Possible CTD solution & validation

Today, after very long time, I manually quit MSFS 2020 with a wonderful flight above Holland!

Yes, NO CTD! except some interesting frame rate drops that I have never encountered throughout my MSFS experience.

It all started after a post that I made in our community forum:

Primarily, we have discussed about MSFS CTD and RAM usage. Thanks to our community members! Personally, I also saw some benchmark videos which shows that MSFS uses wide range of RAM depending on the settings and location you fly.

I prefer to fly this sim MAXOUT settings at 150% resolution scale. It takes huge amount of RAM to fly at this settings.
Since my RAM is 16GB, I changed my Virtual Memory settings from “Auto manage paging size” to “Custom size”. I changed this to all my drivers. Here are some snapshots of my settings.


Maybe this is an overkill! but after this my game didn’t CTD! However, as I mentioned earlier, my FPS went 30 - 35 FPS to 10 - 13 FPS above Amsterdam. For me it is very unusual. After that, it suddenly recovered shortly before final approach at RW 22 Oostbaan (east-runway in English).

Now I need validation. If you are also suffering from CTD just like I did. Try this and let me know your experience. Thanks.

Please note: make sure you follow these Crash & CTD troubleshoot that Dev team is suggesting to avoid collision with my possible solution.



Increasing the virtual memory size is believed to improve CTD problems. It has been suggested and discussed here long ago.



Thanks for the post, the custom page file is certainly needed with most 16GB ram system
As has been mentioned though, it is a known solution.
There are a lot of posts here on that.

Here is another thread you may find interesting as it discusses your FPS issue.


That’s great! Thank you very much.

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Yes! Thanks for sharing.

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one swap file is enough, why three ?

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Often that is done when a drive is smaller and running out of space.

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I will try with one drive and let you know the results. Thanks.

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It’s no use. You only have to choose the disk that has the most free space to create the swap file, not out of the three, preferably an SSD.

I tried with one drive it CTD! I think 16 GB Page file is also not enough. But I am not sure about that.

I have 32Go RAM and 1 swap file min 4Go max 8Go, work fine.

If you put all three drive page files to custom size, and make the total size of all three around 24GB you should be OK.

Yes that is true.
Mine is on one drive.
If the discs are smaller though, and have not much room on them, it is often done.

When the page file is split, all files have to be set to custom size, as Window’s will pick the page file on the drive with the least activity to use.

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