Private jets need more love

Cannot wait to see more private jets come out… I love the longitude and the GPD flight computers. Im not a fan of the fmc’s the day we have a phenom i will be one happy man. I also wonder why the longitude doesn’t have wing flex? Or does it…???


I’ve been begging for a HondaJet with the G3000 since day-one.


I just can’t wait for the phenom! Too much love the for CRJ lol… why not the longitude… its better haha

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Looks like you got your answer:

I have that thread open in another tab as I type this!!! :beer:

How about a classic Learjet like in the old Flight Simulator days?
Or the Epic LT/E 1000 looks lovely and is a perfect match for the TBM930 turboprop class.

But let`s start with a classic Learjet with beautyful T-tail and nice cockpit and cabin…


If you want “classic,” then go Classic! Head out of Key West on a heading of about 175° until you pick up the Grand Cayman VOR, then fly straight in on that to put you almost over the threshold of Rwy 08. From there, either enter left crosswind for 26 or just turn for short final on 08, depending on the wind.

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It would be great to have a modern Learjet 75 continuing the legacy of the Lear family in Flight Simulator. Plus cockpit is fully glass with already Garmin 3000/5000 integrations.


I’d love to see a study level Global XRS or 6000…