Project Persia Part II | OIAW Ahvaz International Airport Coming Soon

Many thanks to everyone who gave our OIIE project such a fantastic reception…now the next chapter of Project Persia is almost complete!

OIAW is an airport in the city of Ahvaz in the Khuzestan province of Iran. The Tehran - Ahvaz route is ranked amongst the busiest and most competitive domestic routes in the world (top 10) in terms of number of operators.

It also covers the spectacular ancient Zagros mountains…

Look out for an imminent release!


Looks awesome :smiley:

The first one was really impressive, so I’m looking forward to this.

Incidentally (Sorry for the unrelated question) I noticed that you have licensed FSPXAI’s AI models to use as statics in your airports. Do you happen to know if they’re planning to start selling them for MSFS? I’m very fond of their models and it’d be great if they sold them for this sim as well :smiley:

Hi Giuseppe - thank you!

I dont know what FSPXAI’s definite plans are but pointed them to this thread - maybe they can jump in with an answer.

If I learn anything will let you know; your right their models are superb!

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Great Thanks :smiley:

By the way, how’s Mehrabad going? That’s another one I’m really looking forward to :smiley:

Its moving nicely - most of the buildings 3d models are complete but need some further tuning.

Its such a complicated layout in the middle of the city, we keep adding more and more surrounding buildings which is taking time. I’d say its still a couple of months away.

I’m hoping it will be very special - the setting of the airport makes it a terrific place to fly to and from!

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That’s great to hear. I absolutely love airport scenery that adds surrounding city landmarks :smiley: