PSA: Disable all traffic to prevent instrument, avionic, autopilot and other issues [UPDATED]

I can see a slight possibility in Multiplayer, if some of the “shared cockpit” functionality “Leaks” across between players who are NOT sharing a cockpit.


Confirmed cold and dark issue fixed on b350.

Edit: just did a 30 min flight on the b350! Wow all the issues are gone! I wonder if this solves the A320 issues?

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Well, Im’ just about to launch a shorter flight so I can get a faster result out.

I will say here are the issues I EXPECT to happen, I’ll report back on if they did or did not happen after changing the settings.

-Swaying A320
-avionics ggoing blank randomly, often near arrival?
-AP sometimes not engaging alt change
-AP V/S likes to ■■■■ out
-AP will climb so fast/hard that it will putter out, fall forward, gain speed, and then try to raise alt again.

We’ll see if these issues and a few others I’m forgetting are still here.

I turned off live traffic, player traffic, all AI vehicles/workers at airports, all that stuff. We’ll see.

The one thing that makes me hope/think this may fix something is that I do know that other players aircraft can interfere with yours. Another player once spawned on my gate on top of me, and my A3 shut off and I could tell what he was doing because it was like he was “controlling” my aircraft. It was odd.

Ground traffic density (alone) did the trick for me so far, (flights over 1 hr lenght, using G36, D40 TDI , C152, C172 steam gauges) using multiplayer “All players” , live weather/live time

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It’s those types of issues that this aims to fix (along with not being able to use the aircraft in certain situations). And the avionics going blank randomly. It’s become a real problem.

For what’s it worth, I have had the following settings since before the patch was released:


Live Real World Air Traffic: OFF
Multiplayer: OFF


Traffic Type: AI OFFLINE
Liner Density: 25
GA Density: 50
Ground Aircraft Density: 50

Zero issues with ghosts operating the plane so far. Or with random avionic, electrical or engine malfunctions.

I have nearly 300 hours in the sim so far and have yet to experience any of the issues you mentioned, at least not in any of the GA aircaft. Is it the airliners? Maybe I’ll try one of those tonight instead…

Please give this guy credit too:


Whereabouts are you flying? The general idea is the higher population of aircraft there is within your loaded area, the more likely the ghost issues will occur.

No issues at all ( only left engine issue a320 ) with all traffic ON ( except mp )

Yes, I did in the original thread here: Black avionics screens after update

I decided to move the issue into General Discussion after finding more fixes to make it more visible to people having problems.

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Around Baltic in Europe (often from EFHF, which is not big but is close main airport in Finland). British Columbia, New England, sometimes around US SW (just did a short flight around Phoenix, for example). I definitely do have a preference for the less populated places though.

Hmm, this is confusing again. Turn Ground Aircraft Density and AI Traffic sliders all to 100 and issues should occur. Why are there people who just aren’t suffering from this?

I’ve had a few times where switches are turned on/off since a few days, you just hear a switch sound. And yesterday my avionics turned on while not touching anything on the ground when cold/dark at parking… No idea if this is other players ghosting your plane (which I doubt) because everybody would have issues.

Crazy idea, but what version of Windows is everyone on? I’m on Windows 10 2004. Anyone who hasn’t been affected on 1909 by any chance?

OS build 19041.508 - Win10 2004

Just did a 40 minute IFR flight, no buttons turning themselves on/off, autopilot stayed on until the approach when I turned it off to fly the final. MFD/PFD didn’t go off.
In general absolutely none of the issues I’ve seen after the patch occurred during this flight!!
Good Work!


That’s great to hear! @Habu2u2

Always have ai and multiplayer traffic off. Tried all ground settings to 0 and still have problems. 172 g1000 and the Caravan mostly but any I’ve tried it’s always buttons ticking and avionics shutting off. Lately I’ve also noticed fuel only using left or occasionally right tank even if it shows set to both.

Seems to have been better, though I still had some issues.

AP was a little less buggy, and i never had any displays shut off. I’ll do some more flights tonight and see if it stay sthi sway with these settings. Seemed better but not by tooo much.