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I wasn’t sure what category to put this under but will there ever be a better default pushback system. The current one is… terrible to put it nicely. Not sure how that was even green lit at all. And before you answer yes I know there’s add-ons for a better way to do it but it would make much much better sense if the default pushback system was improved.

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Yes, I’ve shredded many ground crew who are silly enough to walk into my propeller.

I would suggest posting this in #self-service:wishlist, though there will be a topic on that already, so perhaps use the search function for that category and up-vote an existing topic. Alternatively, you could post a topic in the next Dev Q and A category.

Thanks I’m new here and didn’t know where to post it.

I think that with the availability of the toolbar pushback addon, the more improvement that addons become, the less incentive there is to improve the default build.

Because the doesn’t seem to be that interesting to improve upon something that you’ll know it’ll never catch up to what the third-party addon provides.

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As pointed out above, we have a dedicated #self-service:wishlist category for requesting new additions or any changes to MSFS. This is the best category to post this type of thing in. The #sdk-discussion:aircraft category is more for discussion of modifying aircraft via the software development kit (SDK).

Link to current wishlist you may be interested in to discuss further:


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