Rationale for how hardware controller profiles are stored in FS 2020

I am baffled by the rationale for how hardware controller profiles are stored in FS. Why is it so cryptic in the folder location where these settings are backed up? I get the value of synchronizing them with Azure but why give users 0 control over this? Lets say i swap a controller for an identical model, i can’t even tell if a custom profile i had previously created for the same type of device but different hardware ID will be applied?
I swapped honeycomb bravo throttle quadrants and from what i can tell i have to start over in customizing assignments and previous profile isn’t loaded or even an option to find and load…

You might want to support these:

Backup function (export / import) for the controls settings - #17 by CptLucky8

Ability to have separate control setups for each plane without having to manually switch between 20+ controller profiles?

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