Reasign controllers everytime

Any one knows why now everytime i log in to the game makes reasign all the joystick and throttles like the first time NEVER happen before just started doing it

Take a look at the file UserCfg.opt. If it is set to Read Only uncheck it and apply. The next time your settings will be saved.

If you are being asked to re-do all settings when starting MSFS then alas you are not alone.

This thread details many experiencing the same issue: UI broken and reset user settings

If, however, you are just being asked to reassign peripheral settings (e.g. joysticks/throttles) then this may be a slightly different issue.

Can you confirm if the first screen you see is “Accessibility Settings” when you start MSFS? If so then you are subject to the same issue mentioned in the thread I linked.

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well looks like is MSFS issue with the last Update other people having the same issue



@PalmarLand74283 Alas it looks like you are experiencing the same issue then that is being reported in UI broken and reset user settings

I am closing this as a duplicate to keep all the information about about this issue consolidated in one thread.

Let’s hope it gets resolved soon.