[REFERENCE] Compilation of the best companion apps to use alongside MSFS2020

Just a question. Is adding wind and gust settings to InstantApproach planned for the (near) future?


Thanks for asking an interesting question - and we plan to do this as soon as we can. This is something we had working well in the FSX version of FS Instant Approach and it led to some very interesting, challenging approaches! Have you had a chance to take a look at the free demo?

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I already bought both your products.
The other question was if you could add guidance for the Diamond Katana DV20 to fsflightschool.


Thanks for getting FSFlyingSchool and FS Instant Approach!

Yes the DV20 is a splendid aircraft and we can look at adding support for it in the next update we publish - there were 5 updates last year so it should not be too long.

If anyone else wants to suggest an additional powered airplane for us to support please let us know! Keep in mind that any airplane is more likely to get added if it is popular and included-with-MSFS or free or inexpensive - and that FSFlyingSchool is made for civil aviation and neither combat nor aerobatics. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello GamerKingFaiz, Your button layouts for Matric are very good and also seem exactly what I’m looking for to use as a base to build my own, especially because they have rotary encoders. Matric itself is sadly lacking in instructions/examples I think, but I am having difficulty in finding the actual link to the code/page, the community page just says " This is not approved yet" and I’also find it very difficult to navigate Discord. Could you possibly tell me how to get to it on Discord or wherever.
Thank you in hope you can help.

Hey, not sure if you found their official website or not, but this tutorial page might get ya going: MATRIC

As far as Discord, it’s a chat app. You can use it in the browser or download the standalone app. You will find the link to join their Discord in the page I linked above.

Also those aren’t my button layouts. Just what I found and shared in my original post. So I won’t be able to help you out much more than this.

Ok, Thanks for your reply.